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Personal Finance | Recast ULIP focus more on investor returns than insurance 

Contemporary ULIPs are positioned as investment solutions that are low cost and offer decent returns in addition to life insurance that is embedded in them 

February 25, 2022 / 09:31 AM IST
Personal Finance | Recast ULIP focus more on investor returns than insurance 

Unit-linked insurance plans (ULIP), everyone’s favourite whipping boys, look all set to regain some lost ground, riding on emerging customer preferences and product innovations such as return of mortality charges. The contemporary ULIP, a throwback to the earlier genre but more investor-oriented, is being vended aggressively by sections of the insurance industry, which currently relies significantly on new low-cost distribution platforms. The latter are expected to spearhead ULIP sales in the days ahead. The trend will herald a change after several...

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