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November 06, 2020 / 01:06 AM IST

US Election 2020 Results highlights: Reports say Democrats will win Nevada as Joe Biden widens lead

US Election 2020 Results highlights: Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading over Republican nominee President Donald Trump in the electoral vote count. But the margins are narrowing quickly in multiple battleground states

US Election 2020 Results highlights: Voting has concluded and results continue to pour in from across the United States. Democratic Party candidate and former vice president Joe Biden is taking on Republican Party’s nominee and incumbent President Donald Trump. California Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence are their respective running mates. Biden is leading Trump in the overall Electoral College vote tally. But, things can still change as the margins are narrowing in multiple

battleground states. Yet, Trump has moved courts in three states over the ballot counting process. Voters were urged to vote early this time, especially through mail-in ballots, to avoid queues amid the coronavirus pandemic. More than 101 million early votes had been cast. Additionally, about 26.8 million mail ballots are yet to be returned to polling authorities. Thus, over 101 million votes would have been cast and recorded even before the Election Day. Voters had already cast about 73.4 percent of the total votes counted in the 2016 presidential election, even before Election Day. But counting of mail ballots is more laborious and that is delaying the result.

Who's ahead in the battleground states (as of 1.30 pm IST):

> Biden has either won, or is leading in Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada, Michigan, New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

> Trump has either won, or is leading in Georgia, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Watch out for what happens in Arizona, Nevada and Georgia in the next few hours.
  • November 06, 2020 / 01:01 AM IST

    US Election 2020 Results LIVE Updates | Reports say Democrats will win Nevada as Joe Biden widens lead 

    Some news coming out of Nevada, where Joe Biden has widened his lead, according to Jon Ralston, editor of the Nevada Independent. He says he sees "no path left for Trump here".

    What is significant is that with The Associated Press calling Arizona for Biden and his Electoral Votes now at 264, Nevada could help him reach 270--- the magic number. What is of note here is that Arizona remains too close to call and networks such as CNN have not called the state for Biden yet. 

    Trump narrowly lost Nevada in 2016 as the state has trended toward the Democrats in the past decade. The last Republican presidential contender to win the state was George W. Bush in 2004. 

  • November 06, 2020 / 12:48 AM IST

    US Election 2020 Results LIVE Updates | Facebook removes pro-Trump group for false election claims and some members calling for violence

    Facebook has taken down a rapidly growing group where supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump posted misinformation, violent rhetoric and organized protests against the baseless claim that Democrats were stealing the election. The group had ballooned to more than 365,000 members in one day.

    "In line with the exceptional measures that we are taking during this period of heightened tension, we have removed the Group 'Stop the Steal,' which was creating real-world events," said a Facebook spokeswoman said in a statement.

    "The group was organized around the delegitimization of the election process, and we saw worrying calls for violence from some members of the group."

    The "Stop the Steal" group, which called for "boots on the ground to protect the integrity of the vote," had prepared for Facebook to take action, directing new members to an email sign-up page "in the event that social media censors this group." (Reuters)

  • November 06, 2020 / 12:34 AM IST

    US Election 2020 Results LIVE Updates | Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar has told CNN that the results for the state could be known by the end of the day.

    "I think there's about 550,000 some-odd — plus or minus — ballots that are still in the process of being counted today. Some of those may have already been counted but are not yet uploaded. But yeah, they're coming in," she said, adding that the results "definitely" could be known by the end of the day. 

    Donald Trump is leading in the state, but his lead is shrinking there.

  • November 06, 2020 / 12:20 AM IST

    US Election 2020 Results LIVE Updates | CNN has reported that Joe Gloria, who is the election official from Clark County, has said workers are planning to count "a little over 51,000 ballots today". These he said will be posted on Friday morning. 

  • November 06, 2020 / 12:10 AM IST

    US Election 2020 Results LIVE Updates | CNN is now reporting that Donald Trump's lead over Joe Biden has shrunk in Pennsylvania. 

  • November 05, 2020 / 11:59 PM IST

    US Election 2020 Results LIVE Updates | Georgia Secretary of State in a tweet: With counting continuing in numerous counties throughout Georgia, as of 12:45 p.m. today there are approximately 50,401 ballots still outstanding. 

  • November 05, 2020 / 11:47 PM IST

    US Elections 2020 Results LIVE Updates | Here is a look at the situation in the key states that are still up for grabs, and paths to victory for each candidate:

    Nevada: Joe Biden is leading here and the state could put him precisely at the number needed to win, if he keeps Arizona. With more than 87 percent of the vote counted, Biden was leading by about 12,000 votes, according to CNN.

    North Carolina: In North Carolina, Trump had a comfortable lead of about 77,000 votes with 95 percent of the ballots, about 5.38 million, tabulated.

    Georgia: In Georgia just after midday, Biden lagged Trump by just over 13,500 votes with about 98 percent counted. But he could pull in the lion's share of the final votes being counted, which include thousands in Democratic-leaning areas.

    Pennsylvania: The state is the biggest prize remaining, with 20 electoral votes. As in Georgia, Trump is currently leading, but the majority of votes left to be counted are in Democratic-leaning areas like greater Philadelphia.

    Arizona: One wild card that could upset these calculations: Arizona. Fox News and the Associated Press have already called the race in Biden's favor, but other networks including CNN and NBC have said the race is still too close to call.

  • November 05, 2020 / 11:40 PM IST

    US Election Result 2020 LIVE Updates | In Joe Biden's hometown, supporters, journalists play waiting game

    In Joe Biden's hometown of Wilmington, residents anxiously check their phones for updates and run errands to keep themselves busy, as journalists twiddle their thumbs in hotel lobbies -- all waiting for the winner of the knife-edge presidential election to be announced.

    "It's exhausting. I've had maybe two hours of sleep since Tuesday," says 55-year-old Zanthia Oliver, who has just been elected to a second term on Wilmington's city council. 

    Biden supporter Oliver was trying to distract herself as the pain-staking process of counting votes drags on in five states, including the key battlegrounds of Pennsylvania and Georgia.

    "I'm just running some errands, just trying to keep busy" she said.

  • November 05, 2020 / 11:29 PM IST

    US Election Results 2020 LIVE Updates | Donald Trump wins first legal battle in Pennsylvania

    US President Donald Trump scored the first legal battle in the battleground state of Pennsylvania wherein an appellate judge has ordered that poll watchers must be allowed within six feet of counting of votes.

    "Big legal win in Pennsylvania," Trump said in a tweet soon after the court gave the ruling. Trump is currently leading in Pennsylvania, but his vote count has reduced considerably over the last one day.

    Read more here.

  • November 05, 2020 / 11:19 PM IST

    US Election 2020 Results LIVE Updates | Shares jump as Joe Biden edges toward victory, dollar slips

    The dollar slipped and tech stocks rallied further on Thursday as Democrat Joe Biden drew closer to winning the U.S. presidency while the Bank of England became the latest central bank to say it will increase stimulus.

    Investors leapt on the prospect of gridlock in Congress and the notion Silicon Valley will be spared greater oversight as the Democrats are unlikely to win control of the Senate. (Reuters)

  • November 05, 2020 / 11:07 PM IST

    US Election 2020 Results LIVE Updates | 98% of votes counted in Georgia

    Over 98 percent of votes in Georgia, where Donald Trump is leading by a thin margin, have been counted, CNN is reporting. 

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