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PUBG MOBILE 'Zombie: Survive till dawn' update: Here's all you need to know

The new ‘Zombie: Survive Till Dawn' mode is a limited run game mode and has been introduced in collaboration with Resident Evil 2.

Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation recently announced the launch of 'Zombie: Survive till Dawn', a new gameplay mode which is a crossover collaboration between PUBG MOBILE and Resident Evil 2.

As always, the new update brings with it several improvements, including new weapons, skins and most importantly the much awaited zombies. Here's a detailed look at all the improvements available on the Zombie mode.

Special Enemies (Zombies)
Inarguably, the biggest feature in the latest update is the addition of zombies. Not only are they hard to beat, but these zombies are also terrifyingly formidable and spawn amazing weapons to take the battle forward.

  • Tyrant: Probably one of the most famed characters from the Resident Evil franchise. Players, be wary and cautious when you look to raid the air-drops. You might be greeted by Tyrant who will surely put up a serious fight. By defeating Tyrant you can get your hands on some quality weaponry which can be used eliminate the rest of the zombies.

  • G (Stage 1): One of the strongest and most menacing characters in the game, G (Stage 1) usually appears in the police station. The zombie is particularly strong and players will need a lot of ammunition to beat this one. However, once you beat him, it will be worth it eliminating this biggie can grant you some rare items like the M134 which has an insane firing rate.

  • General onslaught: Added to the special enemies in the PUBG MOBILE Universe, there will be a constant presence of zombies in the gameplay. The frequency and speed only increases when the night gets darker. The loot from their spawn however, is not as rewarding as the ones from the bosses and special enemies.

Special Weapons

With great threats come greater weapons. The newly added mode might be a little challenging but it also gets you a variety of new weapons that will help you fight the demons. Below are the list of weapons that you didn't know were available on the zombie mode:


  • Zombie Grenade: Every zombie killed in the game will fetch you something special. Camp the first night at a house with a choke point and kill them for supplies. Zombie Grenade is both bane and a boon at the same time. Boon for you and bane for other players trying to survive the night. Throw the grenade to give birth to more zombies and make sure you throw it near your enemies.

  • Zombie Vaccine: Zombies are quite literally everywhere and when you hear them, you are most likely going to encounter them. All is not lost once they stop attacking you though. Stock up on the zombie vaccine to heal quicker. This would help you restore health quickly and get back to shooting up some zombies. The vaccine also helps you for gift redemption.

  • M134 Minigun: There is nothing Mini about this gun. This beast of a gun can fire 200 rounds in one go. It is the classiest weapon when it comes to killing zombies. The M134 takes 0.8 seconds to start firing and uses 7.62 mm ammo. Each round deals roughly 46 damage, and the firing rate is about 20 rounds per second. Movement speed is reduced and players are unable to go prone while carrying this weapon. It cannot be used when you are in a vehicle and cannot be equipped with scopes.

  • Flamethrower: When you’re frustrated and just wanna burn zombies down look for this magical weapon called "Flamethrower". This monster would turn zombies to ashes. Deals continuous damage from gas bottles (Available as a part of the loot). Has a range of 10 meters and targets burn for an additional 4 seconds after being hit. Users cannot go prone while carrying this weapon. Cannot be used while in a vehicle and cannot be equipped with scopes. Deals around 45 damage per second to players and around 200 damage to zombies.

  • Compact Knife: The compact knife is available almost everywhere on the map and comes handy when a single zombie is chasing you. Instead of firing and giving away your location you could use the knife to solve the purpose Deals 90 damage each hit and 225 if headshot. Deals double damage to zombies.

Special Outfits

Any new PUBG MOBILE update is incomplete without new outfits. 'Zombie: Survive till Dawn' brings with it some ambitious cross-over outfits.


  • Leon Skin Set: In a first cross-over of its kind, the Leon Scott Kennedy skin set will be available on PUBG MOBILE. The outfit would give you Leon's costume hair and face. This outfit is a Resident Evil treasure.

  • Ada Costume: In another legendary cross-over, get ready to nail the Ada Wong costume. The anti-hero costume can be found in Premium Crates.

  • Claire Skin Set: Get into the skin of a mean American special police officer. Claire’s skin set would get you the face, hair and costume. It can be purchased from the in-game shop.
First Published on Feb 21, 2019 08:24 pm