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Find out which javelin suits your play style best in EA's Anthem

Complete Javelin guide to help you layout the perfect strategy.

Carlsen Martin

Anthem is an online multiplayer action RPG, unlike BioWare’s usual single-player RPG formula. The game thrusts players into action-heavy scenarios with third-person shooter mechanics. Picking the right Javelin is key to defining your role in a team. Here’s a complete Javelin guide to help you layout the perfect strategy.


Anthem Ranger

The Ranger is the first javelin class players will be able to access. This javelin suits several different playing styles from expert to novice and primarily focuses on precise damage and versatility. BioWare claims that Rangers will have a place in end-game activities despite being the starter class in the game. This javelin deals high single-target damage coupled with decent versatility in weapon choices and mobility. Novice pilots will find the Ranger’s vast array of weapons and abilities useful in sharpening their skills, while experts will appreciate the Ranger’s emphasis on exceptional marksmanship and skill mastery.


Anthem Interceptor

The Interceptor is the most throughout and agile javelin class in the game. This javelin class relies on agility and high damage output to finish off enemies before they can fight back. The high-mobility and huge damage output on the Interceptor class come at the expense of defence. This javelin’s unique passive skills make its shield recharge at a faster rate depending on your movement speed.


Anthem Colossus

For players who prefer to use brute force as a solution to every challenge, look no further than the Colossus. This javelin class focuses on damage mitigation and explosive power. The Colossus is built for survivability by drawing aggro away from fragile allies. However, its insane damage output comes at the expense of speed and mobility. The Colossus is the only javelin class in the game that can equip two heavy weapons at once.


Anthem Storm

The Storm javelin focuses on dealing a ton of damage over the course of a prolonged period. Storm is the most elemental of all javelins and excels at long-range combat.  The Storm javelin can remain in the air longer than any other javelin and boasts abilities that specialise in dishing out tons of area-of-effect damage. This javelin excels at taking out large groups of enemies from a safe distance.
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