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Samsung working on dual-screen phone with transparent display?

Samsung's patent application details a dual screen smartphone with transparent rear display

August 27, 2022 / 03:33 PM IST

Samsung is working on a phone with dual screens, a patent application filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation reveals.

Samsung already makes foldables with secondary displays and companies such as ZTE and Nubia, too, have dual screen phones.

So why is the South Korean electronics giant seeking a patent? It is the way its second screen will function. When not in use, the secondary display will blend with the rest of the rear panel, making it almost invisible, the application dug up by SamMobile, a news site for android and Samsung news, shows.

The secondary display can also be lit up partially, similar to the always-on display and can be used for notifications or messages. Users may be able to customise the second screen applications.

Describing the technology, the patent says, "A first display which is arranged on the first surface and outputs a screen in a first direction; and a second display which is arranged on the second surface and outputs a screen in a second direction that is a direction opposite to the first direction, wherein the second display may be configured to be at least partially transparent so as to visually expose at least a portion of an inner area of the second surface. Various other embodiments are possible."


Samsung is keen on the idea but whether it sees the light of day or not is altogether a different matter. There could be potential applications in devices like Samsung's foldable Z Fold and Z Flip line-up as well.

The World Intellectual Property Organization is a UN agency with 193 member states that aims to develop a balanced and accessible international intellectual property (IP) system.
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