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Dysco presents Bread & Butter: What’s on the table at WeWork, BKC on 30 June 2019

Bread & Butter: What’s on the table takes place at WeWork BKC on 30 June 2019 from 10 am to 9 pm.

June 21, 2019 / 01:06 PM IST

Following the success of their event Mind the Gap in June 2018 and a series of events on fashion and entrepreneurship earlier this year, professional networking platform Dysco are back with their first day-long offline event of the year, set to unpack insider secrets and innovations in the food space for entrepreneurs, specialists and enthusiasts alike. Bread & Butter: What’s on the table takes place at WeWork BKC on 30 June 2019 from 10 am to 9 pm.

“We're excited to bring the F&B community together to share what they know and treasure; it’s a field that's transforming rapidly with the advent of new media, social networks and the concept of collaboration. Moreover, the pressing issue of climate change is spurring the F&B industry in multiple ways, right from agriculture, to ingredients, packaging, transportation, and on to technological advancements and overall innovation. Dysco is hosting Bread & Butter to help discover solutions, encourage urgent conversations, and share knowledge across the board." said Khrisha Shah, Co Founder of Dysco.


From L-R: Munaf Kapadia of The Bohri Kitchen; Gauri Devidaval, Mag St Kitchen; Rahul Akerkar, Qualia and Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi, Food Writer

Intended for everyone with an interest in food, be it a professional career or personal passion, the event will host a series of talks and workshops supported by some of the best pop-up food stalls in the city including O Pedro, Fromagerie and Popups by Devika. Bread & Butter: What’s on the table is a fresh take on traditional food events, providing an insight into the industry by looking at broader issues broader issues such as plant-based meat alternatives, sustainable sourcing, food journalism in a social media era, or more specific concerns such as how to brand yourself to stand out in a competitive space.


Bringing together key chefs and industry insiders, the day long event will include talks by Rahul Akerkar looking at the impact of a healthy gender balance in restaurants and kitchens; Natasha Diddee speaking about the relationship between food, mental health and stress; Ritesh Shaiwal of Easyhuman shedding light on how millennials are gravitating towards conscious consumption and clean eating; Sameer Seth of The Bombay Canteen joining Sakshi Saigal of the breakout Indian gin brand Stranger & Sons to decode the trick to captivating branding; and Prashant Mehta from VC fund Lightbox providing insights on how to finance a food-tech ventures in the increasingly competitive food industry. The talks will bring together the best creative minds and food experts to share a holistic view of their areas of specialisation.

Alongside the talks, Dysco will host a series of workshops including a Craft Beer 101 session by Bombay Duck Brewing going through the world of craft beers, how they are made, and what you should be tasting. Renowned food stylist Daniel Shechter will run through the foundations of how to style and take the best food shots (pictured below), while Moina Oberoi will be running a workshop on the importance of functional foods for a healthy lifestyle and how to incorporate these superfoods into an everyday diet.

Addressing hotly debated issues of sustainability in the food industry, Taru Naturals, Happy Roots and Sohil Shah from Avishkar will discuss using local ingredients, creative solutions to empowering rural farmers, and breakthrough technologies for agriculture. In keeping with this and leading by example, Dysco have partnered with The Robin Hood Army, a volunteer organisation that works to source leftovers from restaurants and community-based events for those struggling to feed their families. The initiative aims to create a zero-waste environment for Bread & Butter: What’s on the table.

For the first time Dysco will have a Clients & Collaborators Fair, a fresh take on the traditional ‘career fairs’. The two-hour session will be dedicated to creating opportunities for discovering potential collaborators and brand visibility, with some of the leading creatives in the business such as the experimental kitchen Magazine St Kitchen, food stylist Alok Verma, branding agency Please See, and content platform Edible Issues.


From L-R: Pop-Ups by Devika; Stranger & Sons; food styling and photography by Alok Verma

The event is produced by Dysco, a professional networking platform and community. This is a part of a series of events which carry Dysco’s community-building ethos to offline programmes that directly engage with their digital and offline community. The event will take place at WeWork (BKC) in Mumbai. Tickets are available now through Insider.in

Rahul Akerkar, Qualia
Natasha Diddee, The Gutless Foodie
Devika Manjrekar, Popups by Devika
Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi, Food Writer
Moina Oberoi, Mo’s Superfoods
Maansi & Adam, Tech & Tequila
Raghav Joshi, Rebel Foods
Munaf Kapadia, The Bohri Kitchen
Prashant Mehta, Lightbox Venture Capital
Karishma Boolani, Humanics Food Lab
Ruchi Jain, Taru Naturals
Pritha Sahai, Please See
Aatish Nath, Food Writer
Dhruvi Narsaria, The Good Food Institute
Ajai Thandi, Sleepy Owl Coffee
Faiza Dhanani, Robin Hood Army
Pooja Pangtey, Meraki
Abhishek Chinchwalkar, Bombay Duck Brewing
Reema Sathe, Happy Roots
Nuzha Ebrahim, The Fromagerie
Anusha & Elizabeth, Edible Issues
Sohil Shah, Aavishkar Fund
Sakshi Saigal, Stranger & Sons
Ritesh Shaiwal, Easyhuman
Sameer Seth, The Bombay Canteen & O Pedro
Daniel Shechter, food stylist
Devika Majrekar, Popups by Devika
Kanu Gupta, Savor

Prerna Bhutani, India Quotient

Alok Verma


Clients & Collaborators Fair:
Angel Salot
Please See
Savor Experiences
Alok Verma
The Good Food Institute
Edible Issues
Bohri Kitchen
The Minimal Co.
My Embrace Box
Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi

Magazine Street Kitchen

Sleepy Owl - Coffee Partner
Stranger & Sons - Cocktail Partner
Thirsty Beer - Beer Partner
Robin Hood Army - Zero Waste Partner
WeWork - Venue Partner

By the gram - content partner

F&B Stalls:
Devika's Popups
Thirsty Beers
Stranger & Sons
Moonshine Meadery
Arugula & Co
Satori Tea
Sleepy Owl Coffee
Mo's Superfoods
Soft Spot
Naagin Hot Sauce

Mishal Shah and Khrisha Shah Dysco

About Dysco

Dysco is a professional networking platform and community, designed to facilitate interactions between people, businesses, brands and agencies across diverse industries. Dysco is short for ‘discover,’ our aim is to help you discover opportunities around you. Our ecosystem serves as a space for conversation, collaboration, information and inspiration.

Founded in 2016 by siblings Khrisha and Mishal Shah, who, like those around them, struggled to find the local talent and resources needed to further their entrepreneurial ventures. Seeing ‘word-of-mouth’ as the most viable alternative, they combined elements of technology, community, social networks and digital media to build a more efficient and effective way to network professionally. Dysco has grown to offer an array of services that help people and brands discover each other, including a virtual network, offline events, premium content and a referral programme.

Dysco envisions an empowered community built on meaningful and relevant connections.

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Our Partners

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WeWork provides beautiful workspace, a global community, and meaningful business services to forward-thinking companies of all sizes and industries.

The Robin Hood Army - Zero-Waste Partner

A volunteer organisation facilitating the movement of surplus food from restaurants and communities to serve the less fortunate.

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A Ready-to-drink Cold Brew Coffee- Made with just coffee, milk & (a little) sugar. Real ingredients. No preservatives.

Stranger & Sons- Cocktail Partner

Stranger and Sons is a craft gin that highlights and celebrates the cultural diversity, knowledge and traditions of India.

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Thirsty's beer cans capture the true european essence and taste. Newly launched in India, it's quickly becoming a favourite amongst beer lovers.

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