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Myntra's 'MyFashionGPT' integrates ChatGPT to enhance product discovery

Effectively, based on a query, a customer can get ideas for a wedding, a vacation, what a celebrity has worn and more.

May 24, 2023 / 08:06 PM IST
Myntra website

Customers will get ensemble options in response to a query they pose.

Fashion e-commerce platform Myntra has integrated ChatGPT, called 'MyFashionGPT,' into its platform to assist customers with product discovery and answer their queries.

The integration allows customers to use natural language search to find answers to specific scenarios, such as outfit recommendations based on what an actor wore in a movie or what would work for a holiday in a particular city.

Myntra stated that based on ChatGPT's semantic understanding, customers will receive ensemble options in response to their queries. By typing text that closely resembles natural speech, shoppers can search for specific outfit needs.

Depending on the nature of the query, customers will be shown up to six ensemble options, including products from multiple categories like top wear, bottom wear, footwear, accessories, and makeup.

The user's search is sent to the ChatGPT model to find suitable looks and generate relevant prompts. Myntra's search processes the ChatGPT response to display curated lists of products. Myntra clarified that ChatGPT's recommendations are based on internet-trained datasets and the semantic understanding of the user's query.

This integration is particularly beneficial for customers who rely on textual natural language searches. Myntra aims to enhance discoverability, increase engagement, and drive higher shopping intent.

Additionally, the platform plans to introduce voice search, conversational interaction, and personalized outfit recommendations based on purchase history, including price points. This approach will give customers the option to refine their search results.

Overall, Myntra's integration of MyFashionGPT is designed to enhance the shopping experience, provide outfit recommendations, and offer a more interactive and personalized approach to fashion e-commerce.

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first published: May 24, 2023 08:06 pm