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4 key positions that every startup needs to hire

Apr 17, 2020 / 04:26 PM IST

So you have created a product or set up a service. And now you aim to transform the operations from a one-man show into an army of deliverables. Sounds fair. But where do you even begin?

Finding the right talent to join your business is always much harder than you can initially fathom. This makes it imperative to smartly choose the core set of hires, such that each of them fulfils a strategic and revenue-generating role.

Hence, to maximise your chances of success, here are the hires that you should prioritize:

Marketing generalist

Chances are that you already know what you will be selling. But how do you sell it? This is where a marketing generalist comes in, who knows how to reach out to your target customers and showcase the value of your product/service in the smartest light. He/she should be someone who can take your vision and articulate it via the ideal words, images, and messages at every step of the marketing process.

Operations head
As soon as your marketing is off the ground, operations are going to kick into the picture. And the intensity of this shift will only increase in direct proportion to your scaling efforts. Hence, you need a dedicated core team resource who is responsible for setting up the targets, outlining the business strategy, defining the roles and responsibilities, and managing finances and forecasts. Usual skills that an Ops Head should be armed with include:
- Highly organised and process-driven
- Efficient and quality-driven

- Ability to juggle multiple projects and timelines

Head of technology

A core team member that specialises in technology and development is pivotal for the long-term success of any business. He/she is responsible for outlining the technological vision of the company, implement the associated strategies, and ensure that IT resources are aligned with the long-term vision.

Short-term goals can also be along the lines of developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) while selecting the right tech stack, designing the application architecture, building a scalable cloud-based infrastructure, and testing the application. As evident, all of these tasks are time and expertise sensitive, thus calling for a dedicated core team resource.

The sales master

No core team is complete with a Head of Sales. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any new business and having a dedicated core resource can give you the foundational stability you need. The sales head is usually responsible for managing the leads and conversions, charting out the sales growth trajectory, defining the ideal customer profile, and building the entire sales team.

Which of these roles do you plan to hire first and why? Share your views in the comments section!

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first published: Apr 17, 2020 04:26 pm

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