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ITC Ltd.

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Represents Equity.Intra - day transactions are permissible and normal trading is done in this category
Series: EQ | ISIN: INE154A01025 | SECTOR: Cigarettes

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Company History - ITC
 - On 24th August the Company was incorporated as a Private Limited
 Company under the name, Imperial Tobacco Co. of India Ltd.  The
 Company manufacture and distribute cigarettes and smoking tobaccos
 and speciality papers including cigarette tissue papers (Sole
 manufacturer in the country).  Other activities include tobacco leaf
 processing, printing and
 packaging, hotels, food and exports.
 - The Company acquired the manufacturing business of Tobacco
 Manufacturers (India) Ltd., and the Complementary Lithographic
 printing business of Printers (India) Ltd.
 - The Company was converted into a Public Limited Company on 27th
 - The name of the Company was changed from the Imperial Tobacco Co. 
 of India Ltd., to India Tobacco Co. Ltd., in May.
 - 5,00,000 Right shares issued to Indian shareholders (prem. Rs 3 per
 shares).  32,90,000 No. of Equity Shares offered to the public (prem.
 Rs. 3 per share).
 - On October Company entered into hotel business. 
 - Company received the approval of Govt. for setting up three
 processing plants.
 - On 1st April name again changed to I T C Ltd.
 - During this period an offer for sale of 28,04,775 equity shares at
 par was made to the Indian public by the three major non-resident
 shares holders viz., Tobacco manufactures (India)
 Ltd, Tobacco Investments Ltd., and Rothmans International Ltd. all of
 - ITC Ltd Purchased the net asset in India of India Leaf Tobacco
 Development Co. Ltd. (UK).
 - During December some foreign shareholders offered a total of
 38,00,000 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 5.00
 for sale to reduce the foreign equity holding of the
 Company to 40%.  The shares offered were 10,95,774 shares by Tobacco
 Manufacturers (India) Ltd., 26,42,216 shares by Tobacco Investments
 Ltd., U.K., and 57,010 shares by Rothmans International Ltd., U.K.
 - 37,90,000 Bonus shares issued in prop. 1:5.
 - The name of the Company's chain of hotels was changed from Welcom
 Hotels to Welcomgroup.  The company entered into a Marketing Service
 and Reservations Agreement with the Sheration International
 Incorporated which was sactioned by Govt. on 27th
 - 45,48,000 Bonus shares issued in prop. 1:5. 
 - A new Company under the name Gujarat Hotels was incorporated under
 a joint venture agreement signed between the Company and Gujarat
 Industrial Investment Corporation.  This Co. had set up a 144-room
 hotel at Vadodara known as Welcomegroup Vadodara. 
 - The Company is holding 24.9% of the subscribed equity capital of Rs
 348 lakhs of Gujarat Hotels Ltd., as on 31.03.1993. 
 - 29,38,050 shares allotted to bondholders in exchange of accrued
 interest on 1.7.1984.
 - 29,42,060 Shares allotted to bondholders in exchange of accrued
 - The Company signed a joint venture agreement with MP Audyogik Vikas
 Nigam for setting up of four hotels over the next five years.
 - ITC Filtrona Ltd. a 50:50 joint venture Company promoted by the
 Company and Filtrona International Ltd. UK.  The Company manufactures
 high technology filters for the cigarette industry.
 - New brands viz., Wills Flake Premium Filter and Scissors Filter
 were introduced.  Long-term agreements were entered into with the
 unions of factories located at Calcutta, Saharanpur and
 Munger.  In Bangalore, however, working was affected by a strike for
 114 days.
 - The Company acquired Nedovs Hotel, Srinagar on lease.  An agreement
 was concluded for building a new hotel in Jaipur and the hotel
 division added another 30 rooms in Mughal Sheraton, Agra, to cater to
 the growing demand.
 - In May the company formed a new division called Agribusiness
 Division for carrying out research and development on production and
 distribution of high yielding cultivars with emphasis on oil seeds,
 marketing of edible oils in bulk and consumer packs and
 export of agricultural produce.
 - A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the authorities to
 open an Indian restaurant in Odessa, U.S.S.R.
 - The Company subscribed for 11,86,157 No. of equity shares of Rs 10
 each for cash at par in the equity capital of PABL.
 - Different varities of oilseeds under the brand name of ADARSH and
 cooking oil under SUNDROP were launched. 
 - New investments were made in water and bulk liquid packaging
 project.  The Company explored the possibility of setting up a new
 software development centre in India with ability to access Company's
 customers' computers abroad through data communication
 - A major part of the business of India Leaf Tobacco Development Co.
 Ltd., (U.K.) (ILTD) consisted of its operations in India where it
 operated as a sister concern of the Company.  ILTD was a pioneer in
 introducing Virginia tobacco to India and over the year, developed
 into a highly efficient enterprise, besides being a very large
 exporter of tobacco.  The Company purchases, with effect from 1st
 April, 1975, the net assets in India of ILTD whereupon it became a
 division of the Company.
 - During the year Company entered into a foreign collaboration
 agreement with Liqui Box Corporation of U.S.A. for manufacture of
 Plastic bags dispensing valves and filments, Industrial
 Machinery for use with packaging and filling system for manufacture
 at the company's industrial unit at Thiruvottiyur in Tamil Nadu.
 - 331,68,110 Bonus Equity shares issued in prop. 1:1.
 - The Company proposed to evaluate a methodology for extraction of
 tobacco protein and solenesol and also investigate on the feasibility
 of converting tobacco waste into reconstituted
 - Due to political disturbances in Kashmir, the project work at hotel
 Nedovs in Srinagar was suspended.  The Bukhara restaurant was
 franchised to the Sheraton hotel in Hongkong also.
 - Refined mustard oil under the brand name REAL GOLD was introduced
 in the market.
 - On 1st April Tribeni Tissues Ltd was amalgamated with the Co. As
 per the terms of the merger, 5 equity shares of Rs.10 each of the
 company were issued at par without payment in cash for every six
 equity shares of Rs.10 each held in TTL.  Accordingly, 105,95,070 No.
 of Equity shares were allotted to the shareholders of the erstwhile
 - The company entered into an agreement with MISR Import & Export Co.
 A.R.E Cairo, Egypt for the export of tea to Egypt on Commission at the
 rate of 3% payable in U.S. Dollars on the
 FOB/C&F value of each transaction.
 - Company proposed to enter and agreement with National Trading &
 Developing Establishment, Abu Dhabi for export of safety matches to
 UAE on commission at the rate of 3% on FOB value of each
 - Company proposed to enter and agreement with a firm under the name
 of Jalil Rastar, Tehran, Iran for export of tea to Iran on commission
 at the rate of 5% on the FOB/C&F value of each
 - Since January there was labour unrest at Tribeni Tissues paper mill
 which led to a lockout at the mill with effect from 27th May.
 - On 8th April, ITC Global Holdings Pte. Ltd was incorporated in
 Singapore a wholly owned trading subsidiary of the Company. 
 - During the same period a wholly owned subsidiary ITC Infotech Ltd. 
 incorporated in UK with an authorised capital of US $ 2 million and
 paid up capital of US $5 lakh.
 - The hybrid seeds business was being repositioned in the newly
 formed ITC Zere Co. Ltd., a joint venture paticipation with Zere Co.
 Plc of UK.
 - The Company successfully launched Hero brand Cigarettes.
 - During this period a finacial service division was formed.
 Companies Associated, ITC Classic Finance Ltd, proposed to enter a
 joint venture with Peregrine Group of Hong Kong through a new
 company, ITC Peregrine Capital Pvt. Ltd. to commence investment
 banking and brokerage services business.
 - In October the Company issued 45,00,000 Global Depository Receipts
 representing 45,00,000 ordinary shares.  Three offered GDRs were to
 be issued with one warrent to subscribe for one
 warrant GDR upon payment of US $ 15.30.
 - Two new brands viz., `Classic Milds' and `Hero' were launched at
 the premium and small-length ends respectively.
 - Company propose to sell various edible oil brands to ITC Agro Tech
 Ltd. for a consideration of Rs.25 crores.
 - On 21st February Tiruvottiyur establishment resumed following a
 tripartie settlement.
 - 121,318,177 bonus equity shares issued in propn. 1:1, 2,85,550 No.
 of equity shares issued on conversion of 1,85,450 warrants.
 - Company introduced scissors standard.
 - ITC classic finance entered into arrangemnt for launching mutual
 funds ITC Classic Finance had set up a Company to enable operation in
 real estate and also a home finance Co. to provide finance to a range
 of buyers in the Commercial/Home Property
 - Company introduced capstan Menthol filter, capstan standard and
 Bristo standared and re-designed Gold Flake Kings and Berkley Filter.
  Further, Gold Flake Lights in Kingsize was
 introduced into test markets.
 - The consideration of the edible oil business could not be completed
 due to adverse business conditions experienced by the ITC Agro-Tech
 - During the year a new company ITC Classic Threadneedls AMC, a joint
 venture between ITC Classic Finance Ltd. and Threadneedle Asset
 Management was formed to launch a series of Mutual Funds.
 - 25,78,150 No. of Equity shares allotted on exercise of 12,89,075
 warrants on payment of U.S. $15.30 per warrant.
 - Company purchased Mantralayam undertaking for a consideration of
 Rs.115.80 crores aganst settlement of all dues.  The plant has since
 been licensed back to ITC Agro-tech for five years.
 - The Company has launched `Classic Ultra Milds' and `Wills Natural
 Lights' brands during the year.
 - ITC Classic Finance Ltd. was amalgamated with ICICI Ltd.
 - ConAgra Inc. U.S.A., invested in ITC Agro-Tech Limited by way of
 preferential allotment of over 51% equity, through its Mauritius
 based subsidiary, CAG-TECH Limited.
 - Having taken an in-principle decision to acquire the businesses,
 the ITC board has set up an internal committee to go into the
 nitty-gritty of the real estate business in CIDL.
 - City based Indian Tobacco Company workers will go on a day-long
 strike on December 26, in protest against the management's move to
 retrench 416 workmen from its cigarette
 manufacturing unit.
 - ITC Ltd has signed an agreement with National Securities Depository
 Ltd (NSDL) to get its securities admitted for dematerialisation.
 - ITC Ltd is one of the most liquid scrips in the capital market. 
 With domestic institutions having a considerable stake in this
 counter, this move is likely to improve liquidity in
 demat trading.
 - ITC Ltd has undertaken a comprehensive exercise to restructure all
 its wholly-owned subsidiaries to align them with the four thrust
 areas viz., tobacco, hotels, paper and paperboards and printing and
 - ITC has nearly 105 subsidiaries, which are involved in various
 kinds of operations.
 - Tobacco gaint ITC has raised its stake in paper and paperboards
 subsidiary, ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards, from 37% to 51% through a
 preferential allotment of equity shares.  This follow the allotment,
 by the board of ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards, of 1,91,20,000 No. of
 equity shares of Rs. 10 each for cash, at an issue price of Rs. 65
 per share and 11% redeemable cumulative-preference shares of the face
 value of Rs 100 each, for cash, at par to promoter company ITC.
 - ITC will set up a new tobacco processing department (TPD) because
 the increased production will make it economical to process tobacco
 on site.
 - The Anaparti factory of ITC Ltd -- ILTD division, received the
 Rajiv Gandhi National Quality award for 1995.
 - Mr. K.S. Rao, Chief Executive of the ILTD division of ITC, received
 the award from the Union Minister for Chemical, Fertilisers, Food and
 Consumer Affairs, Mr. Surjit Singh
 Barnala, at Vigyan Bhavan.
 - ITC Infotech Ltd, the UK-based, wholly-owned subsidiary of the
 Company, and Compaq Computer (I) Pvt. Ltd. signed an MoU aimed at
 exploring business opportunities for deploying e-enabled solutions.
 - The Company has launched a project e-Choupal in Bhopal to
 Web-enable farmers to make a beginning in agricultural e-trade. 
 - ITC Ltd its entry into retailing business by launching branded
 leisurewear apparels as part of its diversification strategy into new
 - The Company is hiving off its Infotech services businesses in
 India, the US and UK and merging them into a separate wholly-owned
 - The IT division has entered into agreements with Compaq and expand
 the IT business.
 - The company set up the Lifestyle Retailing Business Division. A
 strategic Business Unit for the greeting cards business was set up
 under the Packaging and Printing Division.
 - ITC has launched Wills Sport, a full range of internationally
 styled premium wear for men and women.
 - ITC Infotech Ltd., the recently-launched it subsidiary of ITC Ltd.,
 has become one of the select software organisations in the world to
 achieve the distinction of being certified at Level-5
 on the prestigious Capability Maturity Model.
 - Tobacco Company ITC launched a website, billed as `one stop
 terminus' for international customers of agricultural commodities. 
 The website,, will provide
 information on trading of key commodities.
 - The Company have set up units in the north-eastern States to avail
 of special incentives relating to Central excise duties.
 - On 21th August, ITC Infotech India Limited became a wholly owned
 subsidiary of the company.  Ansal Hotels Limited became a subsidiary
 of ITC Hotels Limited effective from 12th July.
 - The Board of the company has recommended an employee stock option
 - ITC Ltd. has proposed an Employee Stock Option Plan where ordinary
 shares up to 5 per cent of the issued and subscribed capital will be
 issued to employees.
 - Having carved a niche for itself by launching the first branded
 lifestyle apparel, Wills Sport, in Delhi in July 2000, the Lifestyle
 Retailing Business Division of ITC Limited has now
 big plans up its sleeve.
 - ITC Ltd, the Rs 8,816 crore cigarette and hotels company, has
 decided to merge its subsidiary, the Rs 623 crore ITC Bhadrachalam
 Paperboards Ltd, with itself.
 - ITC Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors, appointed Mr.
 J.B. Stevens as an Additional Non-Executive Director of the Company
 and the Board accepted the resignation of Mr. A.A. R.
 - ITC Ltd has informed BSE that a large number of workmen have
 resumed work at the company's printing factory at Tiruvottiyur
 - ITC Ltd, which has acquired a shade over 14 per cent in EIH Ltd,
 which owns the Oberoi chain of hotels.
 -ITC Ltd. has informed the Exchange that the Company  on May 06, 2002
 has allotted 20,96,982 Ordinary Shares of Rs 10/- each in the ratio of
 1share of the company for every 16 fully paid up Equity Shares of Rs
 10- each held in ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd to the members of
 the ITC Bhadrachalam, in terms of the Scheme of Amalgamation of ITC
 Bhadrachalam with the company.
 - ITC, Tobacco major, has launched Aashirvaad atta making its foray
 into Indian atta market.
 - ITC's greetings cards business and Maple Leaf have entered into
 Joint Venture where Maple Leaf will exclusively manufacture pop-up
 cards for ITC.
 - ITC Foods ands ITC Ltd, is finally foraying its way to the Rs 1,100
 crore confectionery market. The foods division which has shifted
 office from Kolkata to Bangalore this month, has introduced its first
 confectionery product, acquired brand Minto in four cities.
 -ITC Greeting Cards Business (ITC-GCB), has forayed into stationery
 products segment with the launch of Expressions PaperKraft.
 -ITC Limited has taken over Wills brand. ITC had to acquire the Wills
 brand in the US, before it takes Wills merchandise to America.
 -ITC Ltd. has informed the Exchange that the company has acquired
 further 56,000 ordinary shares of Nepalese Rupees 100/- each of Surya
 Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Surya Nepal), earlier known as Surya Tobacco Company
 (P) Ltd, a company incorporated under the laws of Nepal.
 -ITC Ltd has informed BSE that Industrial Development Bank of India
 ('IDBI') has appointed Mr T M Nagarajan, Deputy Managing Director 
 IDBI, on the Board of Directors of the Company w e f August 14, 2002,
 as Nominee Director representing IDBI, in place of Mr R Vasudevan.
 -ITC Board approves integration of Bhadrachalam Paperboards Division
 and Tribeni Tissues Division.
 - ITC Ltd International Business Division (ITC-IBD) has introduced an
 online auction platform called Tradersnet along with its web-based
 initiative Planternet.
 -ITC, now moves towards match business, it has diversified into the
 match business to earn more revenues from non-tobacco businesses.
 -ITC Ltd has informed to BSE that company's Spriha brand of natural
 incense sticks (Agarbathis) manufactured by Cottage Industries, a
 unit of the Sri Aurobindo Udyog Trust in Pondicherry was launched on
 February 21, 2003.
 -ITC on April 04, introduced salt in the staple segment, as part of
 its efforts to clock a Rs 500 crore sales in five years. Salt is the
 second offering from ITC Foods' staple business in the past 10
 months, under the brand name of 'Aashirvaad'.
 -ITC group company, International Travel House (ITH), has divested 49
 per cent equity in LeasePlan India to the Netherlands-based LeasePlan
 Corporation (formerly ABN AMRO Lease Holding NV), making it a
 wholly-owned subsidiary of the foreign company.
 -ITC Ltd has set up a Rs 227 crore modernised pulp mill at its
 Bhadrachalam works aiming to become the first producer of ECF PSP in
 the country.  
 -ITC bags Golden Peacock award for cleaner tech
 -ITC has forayed into alliance with several state governments to take
 up afforestation programmes and in lieu get land from which it can
 source wood-based feedstock for its paperboard business.
 -ITC Ltd has informed  that the Board of Directors of the Company at
 its meeting held on July 25, 2003 have noted the resignation of Mr T
 M Nagarajan, Nominee Director of Industrial Development Bank of
 - Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) has joined with ITC
 Ltd. to unveil annual business competition -Ideas to Imprementation
 -NCDEX allies with ITC Ltd for data sharing.
 -Company issued & allotted 27792 Ordinary Shares of Rs 10 each, upon
 exercise of 27792 options by eligible employees under the ITC
 Employee Stock Option Scheme.
 Consequently the issued & subscribed share capital of the company
 stands increased to Rs 247,54,85,090 divided into 24,75,48,509
 ordinary shares of Rs 10/- each.
 -Bags Seagate Intelligent Enterprise of the Year award for the most
 innovative use of information technology
 -Commences commercial production of paper using the
 environment-friendly ECF (elemental chlorine-free) technology at its
 Bhadrachalam unit in Andhra Pradesh
 -Food wing of ITC eyes on 4 pc market share in biscuit market
 -The government has not taken up the Supreme Court's suggestion to
 arrive at a compromise formula with tobacco major ITC for settling
 the long-drawn-out excise dispute on the ground that it was not clear
 about the legal provisions under which it could do so.
 -ITC unveils new brand of agarbattis
 -ITC's Wills Lifestyle unveiled its fall/winter collection here on
 Jan 6.  The collection, featuring Wills Classic formal wear, Wills
 Sport relaxed wear, Wills Clublife evening wear, and fashion
 accessories from Furla and Valentino from Italy, is available at
 ITC's Wills Lifestyle store near Nagarjuna Circle.
 -ITC signs memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Andhra Pradesh
 government for wasteland development
 -ITC win Rs 5.80 cr grant from British challenge fund
 -Acquires paperboards business of M/s Bilt Industrial Packaging
 Company Ltd including its 65,000 MT per annum manufacturing facility
 at Thekkampatty Village, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu.
 -ITC Food launches a range of 'cooking pastes' under its ready-to-eat
 gourmet cuisine brand Kitchens of India and readymeal Aashirwad brand
 -Completes the process of acquiring the paperboard manufacturing
 facility of BILT Industrial Packaging Co Ltd. (Bipco) near Coimbatore
 in Tamil Nadu. The facility, renamed 'unit Kovai', will operate as
 part of the paperboards and specialty papers division of ITC, which
 has a unit at Bhadrachalam in Andhra Pradesh.
 -ITC unveils Sunfeast biscuits in Chennai
 - ITC ties up with Israeli firm for e-choupals
 - Crisil gives 'AAA(SO)' to PTCs of ITC
 -ITC Ltd's Internet-based rural project, `e-Choupal', has won the
 inaugural `World Business Award' instituted in support of the United
 Nation's Millennium Development Goals
 -The International Business Division (IBD) of ITC has bagged the
 Enterprise Business Transformation Award for its unique web-based
 initiative called eChoupal. The award was announced in Shanghai as
 part of the Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Awards (WIBTA),
 for Asia Pacific.
 -The international business division of ITC forays into trading of
 organic farm products segment
 - Web based e-choupal programme of ITC bags inaugral 'World Business
 Award at International World Congress on June 8, 2004.
 -ITC introduces new special incense gift packs in Bangalore
 - ITC Ltd becomes one of the very few companies in India to obtain
 the coveted Quality Management System certification ISO 9001:2000 for
 investor servicing.
 - ITC Ltd wins 'Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Social
 Responsibility (CSR) in Emerging Economies for 2005'.
 -  ITC Ltd signs an MoU with Tripura Government for a bamboo
 development programme.
 -ITC unveils new `5-in-1' agarbattis
 -ITC unveils `Expressions Regalia'
 -ITC e-Choupal gets Development Gateway Award
 -ITC unveils Candyman Cofitino
 -ITC has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:2
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Re 1
 -ITC forges alliance with Tilda for DNA-tested basmati
 - ITC ties-up with Marubeni for food biz
 - ITC wins National Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance
 - ITC Infotech Launches Interline e-Ticketing Testing Service
 - ITC acquires Australian agri-biotech co.
 - ITC Ltd has secured seven awards at the 29th All-India Annual
 Conference of the Public Relation Society of India (PRSI) held in
 Chennai. The company got the awards for its Annual Report 2007, the
 management of ITC's Sangeet Sammelan events across all the major
 metros, its publications, including ITC's Sustainability Report,
 House Journal, e-news and its Corporate Web site. ITC was also
 awarded for its mass awareness campaign, using television as a
 -  ITC Ltd inked an MoU with the Government of Nagaland and the
 Spices Board for development of the famed Naga chilli via a host of
 initiatives across the agri-value chain.
 -ITC Ltd has appointed Mr. H G Powell as an Additional Non-Executive
 Director of the Company with effect from May 07, 2008.
 - ITC Ltd, having set up its food brands in the domestic market, is
 all set to concentrate on health and wellness-oriented products.
 - ITC launches eco-friendly Paperkraft Premium Business Paper
 - ITCs afforestation programme creates potential for 35 million
 person days of employment
 - ITC Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company
 at its meeting held on January 19, 2009, has appointed Mr. Anthony
 Ruys as an Additional Non-Executive Director of the Company with
 effect from January 20, 2009.
 - ITC Ltd has appointed Messrs. Deloitte Haskins & Sells, Chartered
 Accountants, as Auditors of the Company.
 - ITC launches Vivel Ultra Pro anti-dandruff shampoo in Kolkata.
 - ITCs unique Social Forestry project bags Carbon Credits for poor
 - ITC becomes the first Indian company to gain membership with WWF
 GFTN for responsible forestry
 - ITC partners Orissa Rural Development and Marketing Society (ORMAS)
 to support livelihood creation in rural areas of Orissa
 - ITC has forayed into the Rs. 1,700-crore fairness cream market.
 - ITC is planning new products and offerings in the stationery
 products segment which includes notebooks, pens, pencil and
 - The hotel business contributes just 3% to its total sales for ITC
 but it's now peeling its eyes for distressed assets in order to
 expand it global footprint in the hotel business.
 - Indian cigarette industry attracts international brands.
 - One of India's foremost private sector companies & the largest
 domestic cigarette manufacturer ITC, has entered Cigars business in
 - ITC enters fairness cream segment
 - Business conglomerate ITC Limited, is making an investment of Rs
 1,000 crore for setting another unit in the existing paper mill at
 Bhadrachalam to expand its existing capacity of 200,000-tonne per
 annum (tpa).
 -ITC has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 - ITC Ltd - Padma Bhushan for Mr. Y C Deveshwar, Chairman of the
 - Diversified conglomerate ITC Limited said it will invest up to Rs
 3,000 crore to set up a paper manufacturing unit in Andhra Pradesh as
 part of plans to double capacity over the next five years.
 - ITC rises on plans of rebranding retail stores
 - ITC, Ruchi Soya in world's 50 fastest growing consumer firms
 - ITC had entered into lifestyle retailing and the stationery
 segments through its premium
 brands ,Paperkraft, notebooks and Wills Sport  apparel range.
 Eventually the company had
 launched mass-appeal brands like Classmate:notebooks and John
 - ITC opens first premium cigar retail store in Delhi
 - ITC Ltd has acquired the entire shareholding of Russell Credit Ltd.
 (wholly owned subsidiary of the Company) in Wimco Ltd. (Wimco),
 comprising 9,12,38,170 equity shares of Rs. 1/- each (i.e. 96.825% of
 Wimco's equity share capital).Consequently, Wimco has become a direct
 subsidiary of the Company with effect from September 29, 2011.
 - ITCs Regulatory Affairs Manager Mr. OHalloran was awarded the
 Excellence Award in International Education.
 - ITC Ltd has BSE that the Company acquired 2,26,06,065 Ordinary
 Shares having no par value of Technico Pty Ltd (TPL), a company
 incorporated in Australia, from Russell Credit Ltd, wholly owned
 subsidiary of the Company.Consequently TPL became a wholly owned
 Subsidiary of the Company with effect from March 26, 2012.
 - ITC bestowed 2012 World Business and Development Award
 - Cigarette giant ITC has raised its holding in the leading
 hospitality company East India Hotels (EIH), where billionaire
 industrialist Mukesh Ambani holds a significant stake and his wife is
 a member of the board, by acquiring an additional one per cent stake
 for Rs 42 crore through open market transactions.
 - Mr. Y. C. Deveshwar, Chairman of the Company, has been ranked the
 7th Best Performing CEO in the World in the global score card on 100
 Best Performing CEOs in the World published by the Harvard Business
 -ITC Ltd has launched a social investment project, Mission Sunehrakal
 (MSK), in Mysore district to conserve soil and moisture.
 -ITC has been ranked number one for the second consecutive  year in
 the CSR category in the recently published Nielsen Corporate Image 
 Monitor 2012-13.
 -ITC forayed into the biscuits  market with its Sunfeast range of
 glucose, marie and cream biscuits.
 -ITC Infotech becomes the 1st PTC Authorized Training Partner in
 -ITC Grand Chola recieves the highest national rating for green
 -ITC Hotels ties up with RP Group Hotels & Resorts to manage 5 hotels
 in India and Dubai
 -ITCs leading personal care  brand, has announced the launch of its
 second edition of the signature  series of the Couture Spa Range of
 Gel Bathing Bars.
 -ITCs leading personal care brand, announced the launch of its
 unique Skin Nourishing Range of Soaps - Vivel
 -ITC has been voted among the top two  'Buzziest Brands' in the
 'Corporate' category by 'afaqs', one of  the worlds largest
 marketing and advertising portals
 -Fiama Di Wills collaborates with Masaba Gupta
 -ITCs leading personal care brand and one of Indias most exciting
 brands, introduces  Love & Nourish 
 -ITC becomes fastest firm to clock Rs 1,000 cr revenue in stationery
 -ITC, Ruchi Soya in top 50 fastest growing FMCG list
 -ITC's Engage range takes second spot in deo market by volume 
 -ITC replaces TCS as India's most admired company
 -ITC enters e-cigarette business
 -ITC Hotels launches one of largest ever foreign investments in
 -ITC Ltd entered into Asset Purchase Agreements (Agreements) with
 M/s. Johnson & Johnson Ltd., India & M/s. Johnson & Johnson Pte.
 Ltd., Singapore
 -ITC paper boards and specialty papers division has introduced
 grease-resistant paper boards
 -ITC acquires 87.06% equity share capital of Classic Infrastructure &
 Development Ltd.
 -Russell Credit Ltd., a Wholly Owned subsidiary of the Company, has
 acquired the entire equity share capital of Rs. 4.89 crores of Wills
 Corporation Ltd. (Wills)
 -ITC Launches Vivel Ayurveda Essence in Kerala
 -ITC Infotech announces partnership with Asigra
 -ITC and Starwood renew partnership deal for three more hotels.
 -ITC bets big on food biz with launch of Sunbean Gourmet Coffee
 -ITC join hands NHAI for green highways in Andhra Pradesh.
 -ITC Bags National PRSI Awards.
 -ITC Grand Bharat, Gurgaon Ranked # 1 Resort in Asia
 -ITC launches new brand Farmland for fresh fruits, vegetables
 -ITC contributes to achieve Swachh Bharat through initiatives