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Jun 29, 2007, 11.17 AM | Source: Moneycontrol.com

Comverse Converged Billing Suite bags InfoVision Award 2007

Comverse Converged Billing Suite earns Best New Product InfoVision Award 2007

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Comverse Converged Billing Suite bags InfoVision Award 2007

Comverse Converged Billing Suite earns Best New Product InfoVision Award 2007

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Comverse , a subsidiary of Comverse Technology, Inc . and the world's leading supplier of software and systems enabling network-based multimedia enhanced communication and billing services, today announced that the International Engineering Consortium (IEC), in association with InfoVision Awards, bestowed the Best New Product Award to Comverse’s Converged Billing Suite at the Broadband World Forum Asia 2007 in Beijing. The InfoVision Award program recognizes technologies, applications, products, advances and services judged to be the most unique and beneficial to the telecommunications industry, its related industries and consumers globally.

“We are pleased that IEC and Infovision recognize our Converged Billing Suite as a market-leading, product-based, real-time customer management solution that addresses all aspects of convergence,” said Howard Woolf, Group President, Comverse Converged Billing Solutions. “The award cites Comverse’s Converged Billing Solution as the ideal answer to an essential need as the industry converges in many ways, and operators transform into full service communication providers. Our years of experience in billing, together with our worldwide footprint, have enabled us to understand the diverse and evolving needs of our customers, especially the complex requirements for our converged world.”

The Converged Billing Suite reflects the Comverse Total CommunicationSM vision with the ability to handle multiple service, network and payment types, allowing service providers to grow revenues and build loyalty by providing their customers with choice, convenience and control. The field-proven, product-based solution facilitates real-time charging, billing and payments, self-service, customer care, order management, workforce management, partner management and mediation. The innovation brought by the Comverse Converged Billing Suite delivers to telecommunications providers a single standardized, real-time customer management and billing environment that supports any network, any service, any location and any payment type. The solution’s real-time engine offers a window to customer behavior, by enabling operators to segment markets and adapt offers and promotions in real-time, maximizing the customer experience. The ability of a single Comverse deployment to handle prepaid/postpaid subscribers, as well as all lines of business, is fundamental to increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs. 


Sourced From: Mutual Public Relations

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Comverse Converged Billing Suite bags InfoVision Award 2007
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