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Billionaire yearbook photos: We've recognised Elon Musk, can you recognise the rest?

And this is how Elon Musk responded to a journalist's tweet of his yearbook photo.

November 29, 2021 / 02:04 PM IST
A US journalist tweeted yearbook photos of six billionaires. (Image credit: Photo tweeted by @JonErlichman)

A US journalist tweeted yearbook photos of six billionaires. (Image credit: Photo tweeted by @JonErlichman)

When US journalist Jon Erlichman shared a collage of yearbook photos of six popular billionaires, the post went viral as Twitter couldn't seem to get enough of the how different they looked as teenagers.

Among the six, social media users found Elon Musk the most recognisable with several expressing wonder over how the rest of the businessmen have changed in appearance over the years. "Elon Musk looks exactly the same," tweeted Emilia Moore while Texas Rose commented: "Elon Musk hasn't changed much. He still has that baby face."

Soon, Musk himself joined the Twitter thread and reacted with only an emoticon.

But, when it came to entrepreuneurs and innovators whose appearances have changed significantly over the years, Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs seem be the favourites. And interestingly, a number of comments were directed at the hairstyles of the billionaires — then and now.

"Bezos with hair? This must be photoshopped," tweeted a user who goes by the handle @thegreekgod11, while @manwithapoodle tweeted, "Was there a hair scissors' shortage in the 70s?"

Soon, others joined in to share similar complaints regarding their yearbook photos. Rio of @guitarboyled said, "I also had terrible hair on my yearbook photos. Guess I am going to be a billionaire afterall!"

The others who were featured in the collage were Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Google co-founder Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Some on Twitter even wondered where the photos were sourced from. "Where do people even get pics like that? Break into someone's parents' home to steal old yearbooks, scroll through the internet for hours?" responded M. who goes by the handle @Faithndsgn.
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