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AMD announces Ryzen 7000 series processors, based on Zen 4 architecture

The new chipsets are based on a 5nm process and utilize AMD's Zen 4 architecture

August 30, 2022 / 06:19 PM IST
Representative Image

Representative Image

AMD has finally made the hotly anticipated 7000 series processors official at a special event at Austin, Texas, in the US.

Company CEO Dr. Lisa Su headlined the announcement and said that the new processors will usher in, "a new era of performance for gamers, enthusiasts and content creators."

AMD has its sights set on Intel's upcoming 13th generation Raptor Lake line-up, and the new Ryzen 9 7950X processor will be the flagship.

The new chipsets are based on AMD's 5nm Zen 4 architecture, and completely do away with DDR4 support for RAM. The new processors will support DDR5-based RAM and PCIe 5.0. The company will support the new AM5 socket till at least 2025.

AMD aims to introduce four new architectures for their portfolio over the next several quarters. These will include RDNA for GPUs, Zen 4C for CPUs and a new XDNA SoC.


The Ryzen 7000 series will be the first to support AMD's AM5 socket motherboards with support for DDR5 RAM and PCIe 5.0. The company says the new architecture provides a 13% boost in performance over Zen 3. The new CPUs are also 29% faster in single-thread tasks.

Comparing the flagship Ryzen 9 7950X to Intel's 12th Gen Core i9-12900K, AMD said that the CPU was 11% faster in single-thread tasks, up to 44% faster in multi-thread usage, and provides 47% more performance per watt. AMD said that it was the fastest CPU right now.

The Ryzen 9 7950X is a 16-core processor with a base frequency of 4.5 GHz, which can boost to 5.7 GHz. It has an 80MB cache with a TDP of 170W. The processor will be priced at $699 (approx. Rs 55,000) at launch in September.

Next in the line-up is the Ryzen 9 7900X with 12-cores and a base frequency of 4.7 GHz, which can turbo up to 5.6 GHz. The CPU has a 76MB cache and a TDP of 170W. The 7900X will be priced at $549 (approx. Rs 43,000).

The third chipset in the line-up is Ryzen 7 7700X with 8-cores and a base frequency of 4.5 GHz, that can boost to 5.4 GHz. It has a 40MB cache with a TDP of 105W. The CPU will retail for $399 (approx. Rs 31,000).

Rounding off the line-up is the entry-level Ryzen 5 7600X with 6-cores and 38MB cache. It has a base frequency of 4.7 GHz, that can boost to 5.3 GHz. The CPU has a TDP of 105W and will be priced at $299 (approx. Rs 23,000).

All four processors will be available starting September 27 globally at leading e-tailers and offline retail.

AMD will also introduce four new motherboards (X670 extreme, X670, B650E and B650) starting at $125 (approx. Rs 9,900).  The X670 and X670E motherboards will be available in September, while the B650 and B650E will be available in October.
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first published: Aug 30, 2022 06:19 pm
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