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7 reasons to ditch wired headphones and switch to Bluetooth headphones

Here are seven reasons why wireless headphones make for a perfect companion for your portable music player or smartphone.

Carlsen Martin

Wireless headphones are a great way of enjoying music. They are convenient, easy to use, give you unparalleled freedom from messy and tangling cords, no worry of breaking or pulling your cord or your phone off the table while listening to music. On top of it all, Bluetooth enabled headphones are the safest with experts unequivocally advising its usage.

Here are seven reasons why wireless headphones make for a perfect companion for your portable music player or smartphone:-

One-touch Connectivity

Back in their early days, Bluetooth headphones faced their fair share of connectivity issues that made pairing devices a daunting task. However, with the rollout of newer versions of Bluetooth, connectivity issues have been kicked out of the park. Reliability and stability of wireless connections are as good as they have ever been with Bluetooth 5.0 delivering excellent coverage distance and incredible throughput performance.

Stylish and Ergonomic Design

Wireless headphones are no strangers to style and sophistication. And while this style and elegance often came at a hefty price in the past, today these headphones barely exceed the cost of their wired counterparts. Comfort also plays an important role when selecting a pair of headphones, which is one of the primary reasons why wireless headphone manufacturers ensure their Bluetooth headphones boasts an ergonomic design.

Uncompromised Sound

Today’s generation of Bluetooth headphones boasts sound quality which match with their wired counterparts. Number of manufacturers are releasing headphones with nearly identical technology in both wired and wireless variants, thus ensuring sound quality isn’t compromised even in the absence of a cable.

Universal Application

From computers, smartphones, televisions to MP3 players, nearly every media device on the planet features Bluetooth connectivity. What does this entail? “Universal Application” for one. So, whether you’re watching a TV show or grooving to your favourite podcast or in the midst of battle on your PC, one set of headphones can do the job for all of your devices.

Tireless Workhorse

Wireless headphones are no stranger to powerful batteries. The 24-hour mark has become the modern day norm in terms of battery life for wireless headphones with high-end models capable of delivering up to 30 or even 40 hours of playback on a single full charge.

Workout Wire-free

When it comes to motivation when burning calories at the gym or track, few can match what music can do. In the absence of lack of cable management, wired headphones can end up being inconvenient during a dedicated workout session. Choosing a wire-free option is likely to ensure unrestrictive movement while exercising.

Competitive PricingUnarguably, wireless technology is at its peak today. Growing competition and manufacturers releasing newer models by the day have pushed cost of wireless headphones southwards. While the premium headphones come with flagship features, one can purchase a Bluetooth headphone for as low as INR 600 without having compromising on the quality.
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