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COMMENT | Cultivating seaweed could be a massive opportunity for India

Asia stands as the world leader in seaweed cultivation and more than 80% is contributed by China, Korea and Japan. India has suddenly discovered that it too can be a player in this market

June 13, 2018 / 03:41 PM IST
Image: Gujarat government

Image: Gujarat government

RN Bhaskar

A sluggish response to opportunities offered by the sea are the latest example of how India forgets the many blessings it has. We’re talking of growing and harvesting seaweed, a market that’s projected to hit $26 billion globally by 2025.

A recap of the various instances we have forgotten to explore our strategic advantages: First, India is only now waking up to the huge potential that rooftop solar power holds.

Second, it has still not quite woken up to the strategic advantage of having a huge population and the largest population of cattle, not to mention the huge fields and forests that India has.  Together they generate prodigious quantities of waste (both excreta and agro and forest waste) that could be harnessed to the country’s immense financial and environmental advantage.