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Last Updated : Sep 02, 2020 02:48 PM IST | Source: Moneycontrol.com

Six hidden Facebook features you should know and use

From hiding content without unfriending to assigning a legacy contact, these are some of the key features on the social media platform you should check out

Facebook has over 300 million users in India, making it one of the most used social media apps in the country. To keep up with the user requirements, Facebook keeps adding features to its interface, some of which are prominently visible, while others go unnoticed. But there are a few hidden features deep in the interface that you should know to get more out of this popular social network.

1. Hide content without unfriending a person

Do you have people added on your Facebook that you can’t be unfriendly, but don’t want them to see your posts? Facebook offers an option called “Restricted Friends” that limits the selected friend from seeing your activity on Facebook. To do this, just open the profile of the friend you want to restrict, open his/her profile, click on the Friends icon and select the option to edit friends list. In the box that opens up, select the restricted option to put your friend on your restricted list. Once this is done, your friend can only see posts in which you would tag him or the ones that are posted as public posts; everything else will not be accessible or visible to him.

2. Add links to other social media platforms

Facebook plays well with other social networks profile links if you want to add them to your profile. It gives you the option to add a variety of social links and a neat icon in the profile so that it's easy to identify and connect to that social network. To add a profile link, open your profile, click on the About section and then open the Contact and Basic Info section. In this section, tap on the edit icon in front of Websites and Social Links to get the option of adding a social link. You get almost all the popular social networks to choose from in the drop-down menu, including Github, Spotify and Oculus.

3. Assign a legacy contact

Ever wondered what will happen to your account after you pass away? Even after you pass away, your Facebook account will continue to exist, and Facebook gives you the option to choose a person who can take care of your account in such a case. The legacy contact can write a pinned memorial post for you, view posts, decide who can see or post tributes, update profile photo or request the removal of your account. The legacy contact cannot use your account as their own, add/remove friends or read your messages. To add a legacy account, go to Settings > General > Memorialization Settings to choose a friend who will be your legacy contact.

4. Remove access of third-party services

A lot of people choose the Sign in with Facebook option to log-in to various websites and apps nowadays. While the step makes your life easier, it also puts your Facebook account privacy at risk. In order to protect its users from such a risk, Facebook gives you the option to remove access from multiple apps and services quickly. Open the Settings of your account and scroll to the section for Apps and Websites. Here you can see a list of all the apps that have access to your account. To remove access, check the box in front of their name and press the option to Remove. In one quick snoop, access to those websites will be done until you turn it back on.

5. Stop videos from auto-playing

One of Facebook's biggest annoyances now are videos that start playing automatically while you are just scrolling your feed. Thankfully, you can turn off videos from auto-playing in your feed. Open Settings of your Facebook account and go to the very bottom section where the last option will be for “Videos” section. Open these settings to gain access to the option of turning off auto-play video on the Facebook feed. After you change the settings, all your videos would just show a thumbnail and not play after you allow it.

6. Play multiplayer games with friends

Unknown to many even now, Facebook has a rich gaming setup available right here on Facebook. You can access these multiple games by tapping on the ‘See More’ option in the left menu that is present on the main profile page. In the drop-down menu, tap on Gaming to view all content about games. Once the game section loads up, you will be able to see a list of multiplayer that you can play with friends by just sending an invite to them for joining your game.
First Published on Sep 2, 2020 02:48 pm