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Everything that's happened so far at the 14th BRICS Summit: Top 10 highlights

Here's a roundup of everything that's happened so far at the 14th BRICS Summit hosted by Beijing, China this year.

June 24, 2022 / 05:00 PM IST
Representative image

Representative image

At the 14th summit of the BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) countries held in Beijing this year, member nations expressed strong condemnation of terrorism in all its forms, including the cross-border movement of terrorists and terrorism financing networks.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi focused on the importance of BRICS grouping in the post-COVID global economic recovery, China President Xi Jinping warned against "expanding military alliances and seeking one's own security at the expense of other countries' security".

14th BRICS Summit: Top 10 highlights 14th BRICS Summit: Top 10 highlights

Here's everything that's happened so far at the 14th BRICS Summit: Top 10 Highlights:

1. BRICS group support dialogue between Russia, Ukraine:


Amid simmering geo-political tensions, BRICS nations have supported diplomacy and dialogue between Russia and Ukraine. Three of its members -- China, India and South Africa -- have abstained from voting on a United Nations resolution condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

“We support talks between Russia and Ukraine. We have also discussed our concerns over the humanitarian situation in and around Ukraine and expressed our support to efforts of the UN Secretary-General, UN Agencies and ICRC to provide humanitarian assistance in accordance with the basic principles of humanity, neutrality and impartiality,” the BRICS declaration said.

2. PM Modi calls for BRICS cooperation for global post-COVID economic recovery:

In his opening remarks while addressing the Summit, PM Modi focused on global post-pandemic economic recovery and the growing strength of the BRICS grouping.

BRICS nations have a common vision for global economic governance and the mutual cooperation can make a useful contribution to the global economic recovery, said PM Modi in his address. The PM also talked about the growing membership of the New Development Bank and the structural changes that have increased the influence of the BRICS institution.

3. Chinese President Xi Jinping calls on member nations to reject 'Cold war mentality'

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for world peace and targeted "Cold War mentality and power politics". He asked BRICS countries to support each other and operationalise Global Security Initiative proposed by China.

Xi told the BRICS business forum that the "Ukraine crisis is... a wake-up call" and warned against "expanding military alliances and seeking one's own security at the expense of other countries' security".

Xi assured Russian President Vladimir Putin that China would support Moscow's core interests in "sovereignty and security" -- leading the United States to warn Beijing that it risked ending up "on the wrong side of history".

4. Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism: Treaty proposed to combat all terror finance networks

The BRICS declaration reiterated that terrorism should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilisation or ethnic group. BRICS has called for an expeditious finalisation and adoption of the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism within the UN framework.

The treaty proposed is also meant for launching multilateral negotiations on an international convention for the suppression of acts of chemical and biological terrorism, at the Conference of Disarmament.

5. BRICS initiative on Denial of Safe Haven to Corruption

The summit welcomed the BRICS Initiative on Denial of Safe Haven to Corruption, which aims to further strengthen anti-corruption capacity building through education and training programs and enhance anti-corruption exchanges and cooperation within multilateral frameworks.

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6. More focus on combating transnational drug trafficking

The summit also expressed concern over the serious drug situation in the world. "We appreciate BRICS Anti-Drug Working Group's active role in combating transnational drug trafficking and promoting global drug governance and will further strengthen drug control cooperation," said the BRICS declaration.

7. Policy coordination for economic recovery from COVID

BRICS also called for policy coordination for economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. "We reaffirm our commitment to continuing to enhance macro-economic policy coordination, deepen economic practical cooperation, and work to realise strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive post-COVID economic recovery," said the BRICS declaration.

The summit emphasized the importance of continued implementation of the Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership 2025 in all relevant ministerial tracks and working groups.

8. Framework for consumer protection in e-commerce

The declaration welcomed the establishment of the Digital Economy Working Group by upgrading the E-commerce Working Group and said the BRICS nations have agreed to promote consumer protection in e-commerce by advancing the implementation of BRICS Framework for Consumer Protection in E-commerce.

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9. Strengthening of trade, engagement of BRICS focal points

BRICS nations agreed to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in trade in services and the engagement of BRICS national focal points, as established in the BRICS Framework for Cooperation on Trade in Services, with the BRICS Business Council.

This aims to promote the implementation of BRICS Trade in Services Cooperation Roadmap and relevant documents including the BRICS Framework for cooperation in Trade in Professional Services.

It was announced in the summit that BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) has relocated its permanent headquarters building in Shanghai and an NDB's regional office has opened in India.

10. Establishment of BRICS Think Tank Network for Finance

BRICS nations decided to establish the BRICS Think Tank Network for Finance. ''We expect it to work independently and provide intellectual support, as and when tasked, for knowledge sharing, exchange of experiences and practices and cooperation on finance issues amongst BRICS countries,'' the declaration said.
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