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Aadhaar Authentication – Know How To Check Aadhaar Card Authentication

Aadhaar authentication is a process used to verify one's Aadhaar number. It helps an individual to find if anyone is misusing his Aadhaar number.

February 18, 2020 / 04:01 PM IST

Aadhaar authentication is done to verify your identity. You can check your authentication history to find out if someone is misusing your Aadhaar number

In the past couple years, we have been using Aadhaar number to avail of an increasing number of services like getting a mobile phone connection, opening a bank account, making investments in mutual funds and so on.

You keep hearing of reports of people finding out that their Aadhaar number has been used to authenticate several mobile phone numbers, of which they were completely unaware. Is this a common occurrence? How can we verify who’s been using our Aadhaar number without our knowledge? How can we prevent such things happening?

How to check Aadhaar Authentication:

  1. Go to the `My Aadhaar’ section of the UIDAI web site.

  2. Go to `Aadhaar Services’ in that section

  3. Click on `Aadhaar Authentication History

  4. Enter Aadhaar number and the captcha code

  5. Opt for `Send OTP’ or `Enter TOTP’

  6. If you opt for `Send OTP’, you will get an OTP sent to your registered mobile phone number. You have to use this OTP within 10 minutes of it being sent

  7. Enter OTP

  8. After that, you will be directed to another page 

  9. Enter the date range

  10. Enter the kind of authentication you want – demographic, biometric, biometric and demographic and so on

  11. You will then get the authentication history

  12. Check the history to see if there has been any unauthorized use. You can check for:

    1. Modality of the authentication (biometrics, demographic data) etc

    2. Date and time of the authentication

    3. UIDAI response code

    4. Authentication requesting agency (AUA)

    5. AUA transaction ID (with code)

    6. Authentication response (whether success or failure)

    7. UIDAI error code

What to do in case there is misuse?

If you find that there is misuse, you can contact the AUA, like a mobile phone company, an investment firm or so on. You can also call the UIDAI contact centre on 1947 and make a complaint.


Steps taken by UIDAI to prevent misuse:

In the past few months, the Unique Identification Authority of India, or UIDAI has taken steps to prevent authentication fraud. One of the steps it has taken is directing all telecom operators to do a face authentication in addition to fingerprint/ iris scan. The picture taken will have to be sent to UIDAI for authentication. If you use virtual Aadhaar card, authentication can be done using only fingerprint or iris scan.

How you can protect yourself?

Don’t reveal Aadhaar number to all and sundry: You should reveal your Aadhaar number only to large well-established organizations you can trust. Don’t use Aadhaar for small operators and individuals you don’t know.

Virtual ID (VID): This is a good way of ensuring that your Aadhaar number is not misused. VID is a temporary 16-digit random number that is mapped to your Aadhaar number. You can use this VID instead of your Aadhaar number whenever authentication is required. Here are some of its features:

  • You can generate the VID through the UIDAI website’s VID generator, through the mAadhaar app or by sending an SMS to the Aadhaar helpline number 1947

  • Only the Aadhaar number holder can generate the VID

  • At a given time, only one VID will be valid for an Aadhaar number

  • VID can be used for biometric as well as demographic authentication

  • The VID has no expiry period and will be valid until such time you generate a new one

  • You can generate a new one after the minimum validity period of one day

Lock your biometric details: You can lock or unlock your biometric information through the UIDAI site or through your app. It may not be a bad idea to keep `locked’ as the default to prevent misuse. Unlock the biometrics only when you need – after all, it’s not every day that you do biometric authentication.

When does authentication take place?

  • When a service provider checks to find if the Aadhaar number is valid and not deactivated

  • When this is done to verify the email or mobile number

  • When you lock or unlock biometrics

  • When you create a virtual ID

Check Aadhaar link to bank account

You can also check if your Aadhaar is linked to your bank account if you want to avail of government subsidies etc. The linking status is fetched from the server of the National Payments Corporation of India (NCI), which is responsible for retail payments and settlement systems in India.
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first published: Feb 18, 2020 04:01 pm

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