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Watch: Nap rooms, spa, all day café and more inside Google office in Gurgaon

A Google employee recently took her Instagram followers on a tour of the new Google office in Gurgaon, Haryana.

March 24, 2023 / 07:03 PM IST
Glimpses of the Google office in Gurgaon (Image credit: @aaddyakunchal/Instagram)

Glimpses of the Google office in Gurgaon (Image credit: @aaddyakunchal/Instagram)

Google is renowned for putting employee well-being at the front and centre of its company culture, and its offices are designed accordingly. Employees of the IT giant enjoy a range of amenities in the workplace – including, but not limited to, free food, nap rooms and entertainment areas. Google has, for years, ranked as the top company to work for in the United States, where its headquarter in Silicon Valley has been described as a ‘dangerously’ luxurious place in which to work.

The Google headquarters in the US may give employees access to swimming pools, volleyball courts, nap pods, free fitness classes, a range of snacks and much more, but how do the Google offices closer home stack up when compared to the ones in the US? Turns out, they do pretty well.

A Google employee recently took her Instagram followers on a tour of the new Google office in Gurgaon, Haryana. Aaddyashree Kunchal, Senior Solutions Consultant at Google in Boulder, Colorado, visited the company’s Gurgaon workspace earlier this month.

“Does Google India have the same perks as the US?” she asked at the beginning of her video montage before moving to show the various perks of working for Google. Her video reveals that the office has a cafeteria which serves free food to employees and even features a separate section with a range of desserts. An entertainment room with musical instruments, comfy couches and a pool table comes next.

Then, a look at the spa with massage chairs where employees can relax and unwind, and the nap room where they can catch a quick shut-eye. Kunchal also shows thoughtfully-designed nooks and little touches that make life a little easier for Google employees.

Her video ends with one thing that Google US does not have, but is available in Gurgaon – an all-day café serving tea, coffee, fresh grilled sandwiches and other snacks. “We don’t have this in the US,” she wrote with a sad face emoji.

The video has racked up nearly 2 lakh views since being shared earlier this month.

While Google has been praised and rewarded for its employee-first work culture, the IT giant also came under fire recently for the way it handled mass layoffs for nearly 6 percent of its workforce.

Kunchal also addressed the topic in the caption of her video. “Visited the new Google office in Gurgaon, India and yet again felt amazed by Google’s incredible effort to maintain a globally consistent work culture with at par benefits offered across the board,” she wrote. “It’s been hard to find positivity at work with the recent lay-offs but even though I may not be a huge fan of it at the moment, this company does give you reasons to be proud.”

Recently, illustrator Alicia Souza also took her Instagram family on a food tour of the Google office in Bengaluru.

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first published: Mar 24, 2023 03:22 pm