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Storyboard18 | Marketing Recoded: “Relevant” industry experience is overrated, says Puma's Shreya Sachdev

A new episode of Storyboard18's Marketing Recoded featuring Puma's ace marketing head, Shreya Sachdev.

April 28, 2022 / 09:22 AM IST
Shreya Sachdev, head of marketing at sportswear company Puma.

Shreya Sachdev, head of marketing at sportswear company Puma.

Marketing Recoded by Storyboard18 is a series of interviews with modern marketers at some of India’s buzziest brands. How these marketers define their jobs, which skills they value most, and which they feel are overrated are among the questions we ask, to get fast and sharp insights into their minds. Here’s what Shreya Sachdev, head of marketing at sportswear company Puma, thinks about her job and the skills and attitude required to succeed today.

Define your job as a marketer.

My job is to evoke very strong emotions in people about non-living things.

Three important skills every modern marketer should possess.

I think in today's ecosystem it would have to be agility; willingness to take risks; and an absolute obsession with data.


An overrated trait.

For me, it's definitely “relevant” industry experience to be successful. You can be a great marketer even if you've never done marketing before.

How has the role of a marketer changed after the pandemic hit?

It has become absolutely critical to be able to tell your brand story effectively in under 15 seconds.

An important new skill or invaluable lesson you picked up in the past two years?

If you've hired a great team, learn to trust their creative instincts no matter how risky.

The next big thing coming down the line for the marketing industry.

It’s no longer about how effectively you communicate to the consumer, the question is do they communicate back?

A current professional life-hack you swear by?

Celebrate every win no matter how small.

What’s the best or most useful advice you’ve ever got on the job?

What's got you so far will only get you this far, so always keep innovating.

What’s the worst advice you’ve got on the job?

It would have to be, don't get your emotional or vulnerable side to work.

A piece of advice to those entering the world of marketing.

I think your lack of experience is actually your biggest asset. Use that to push the boundaries on what other people claim cannot be done.

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first published: Apr 28, 2022 09:21 am
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