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ChatGPT-4 saves dog's life: AI chatbot gives correct diagnosis for sick pet when vets failed

GPT-4 offered a compilation to the dog owner with a disclaimer: 'I am not a veterinarian, but...'

March 27, 2023 / 05:44 PM IST
Sassy, the pet dog 'saved' by GPT-4. (Image credit: @peakcooper/Twitter)

Sassy, the pet dog 'saved' by GPT-4. (Image credit: @peakcooper/Twitter)

OpenAI ChatGPT's newest version GPT-4 AI system recently saved a pet dog's life by providing a correct diagnosis for his medical condition at a time when even vets could not.

Twitter user Cooper (@peakcooper) shared he used GPT-4 to save his dog, Sassy. "After my dog got diagnosed with a tick-borne disease, the vet started her on the proper treatment, and despite a serious anemia, her condition seemed to be improving relatively well. After a few days however, things took a turn for the worse," he tweeted.

"I noticed her gums were very pale, so we rushed back to the vet. The blood test revealed an even more severe anemia, even worse than the first day we came in. The vet ran more tests to rule out any other co-infections associated with tick-borne diseases, but came up negative."

By then, however, Sassy's condition was getting worse, and according to Cooper, the vet had no clue what it could be. They suggested Cooper wait and see what happens, which wasn't an acceptable answer to the pet owner so he rushed to another clinic to get a second opinion. That's when it occurred to him that medical diagnostics could be something that GPT-4 could be potentially good at, so he described the situation in great detail to the AI chatbot.

"I gave it the actual transcribed blood test results from multiple days, and asked for a diagnosis," Cooper tweeted. The newest version of ChatGPT offered a compilation with a disclaimer: "I am not a veterinarian, but I can try to help you understand the blood work results and what might be happening with your dog."

Cooper tweeted that its interpretation was "spot on".

GPT-4 then offered a list of options of what could have been happening to the dog, among which Cooper said, one fit all of Sassy's symptoms -- Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA).

"When we reached the second vet, I asked if it's possible it might be IMHA. The vet agreed that it's a possible diagnosis. They drew blood, where they noticed visible agglutination. After numerous other tests, the diagnosis was confirmed. GPT4 was right," Cooper tweeted. "We started the dog on the proper treatment, and she's made almost a full recovery now."

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Cooper's Twitter thread soon went viral with more than eight million views and several people were amazed at how GPT-4 helped the pet owner.

"Heartwarming. Lost my dog a few years back and it’s hard not to imagine if GPT-4 could have made a difference," commented user The Jiho.eth (@Jihoz_Axie). Another Twitter user wrote, "Impressive! Glad your dog is on the road to recovery. GPT helped diagnose what was wrong with my monstera plant a few weeks ago."

A doctor, Stefan Bodnarescu, also pitched in, "Human doctor here and can’t wait for this to be integrated in daily practice. I have to look at long lists with results on a daily basis. AI is going to reduce human error."

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Ankita Sengupta
first published: Mar 27, 2023 05:35 pm