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Last Updated : Apr 13, 2020 12:21 PM IST | Source:

This 17-year-old develops the world's largest coronavirus tracker, rejects multi-million dollar advertising revenue offer, developed by a 17-year old Avi Schiffmann, has been visited by more than 350 million people to date.

With coronavirus continuing to spread across the globe, many websites and mobile applications have sprung up tracking the latest developments and the number of cases/deaths across the globe.

One such website is Developed by a 17-year old Avi Schiffmann, the site has been visited by more than 350 million people to date.

Schiffmann developed the tracker website to unify the global coronavirus cases, deaths, recovered patients, etc.


How Did He Do  It? 

The teenager took details from various Chinese websites and added them to a much larger data set and created country-wise data. Since its successful implementation, the website has managed to get over 350 million visitors, with over 30 million viewers each day. Schiffmann’s mother told Bloomberg that he was offered an $8 million advertising deal, which he turned down. 

He said, "I still want to play video game with my friends."
17 Year Old creates the largest Covid-19 tracker in the world, rejects $8 million to place ads on the website. from r/nextfuckinglevel

COVID-19 pandemic LIVE updates

"I think it's a lot easier for me to turn down things like that just because I don't care that much about making so much money. I feel like as an adult, oh yeah, I'll just retire now but I don't want to retire at 17. I mean, half the stuff I did on this website I didn't even know before I started,” Schiffmann told the publication.

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He further believes that the success behind his coronavirus tracker website is the development initiative which he took when no one else was talking about it. “I think one of the big things about my website is that not that it's very hard to program, but that I took the initiative to make this when nobody was talking about this. I hope that what I created inspires a lot of young people to find ways they can help”, Schiffmann added.

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First Published on Apr 13, 2020 09:47 am