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Meta acquires Within, makers of VR workout app Supernatural

Supernatural is an immersive, subscription-based VR workout app

October 31, 2021 / 11:41 AM IST
Within created the VR workout experience Supernatural

Within created the VR workout experience Supernatural

Meta, until recently Facebook, has announced the acquisition of Within, the creators of the virtual reality-based workout experience Supernatural, for Oculus Quest devices.

Supernatural is a subscription-based VR workout service that pairs you with a real-life coach and makes exercising more fun by putting it within the context of Virtual Reality.

Within's CEO Chris Milk and Head of Fitness Leanne Pedante said (via Engadget) that the acquisition will allow the company, "to expand and bring you even more music, more creative ways to workout, more features and more social experiences for VR. And of course, we will still be launching new workouts every single day".

The entire staff at Within, including head coaches, choreographers and managers will remain with the company and work on new experiences for the app.

Though, Meta will be their parent company, Within will still work independently as part of the Reality Labs initiative and develop new workout experiences with VR.

"Like us, Supernatural, and their creators at Within, believe deeply in the power of the metaverse and VR to bring people together and empower positive change," said Jason Rubin, Meta's VP of Play.

"Today, I’m happy to announce that Within (along with Supernatural) have entered into an agreement to join Meta. Supernatural will continue to be operated independently as part of Reality Labs, and will continue to create fitness, wellness, and social experiences in VR, helping people achieve their goals in the most joyful and connected way possible." Rubin added.

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first published: Oct 31, 2021 11:41 am