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Microsoft's plan to introduce a disc-less Xbox might not be a bad idea

The new disc-less Xbox will reportedly be the cheapest console in the market.

Carlsen Martin

Microsoft is reportedly launching an Xbox One console without a disc drive. Codenamed, 'Xbox Maverick', the new console is a stark representation of Xbox's vision to transform gaming into a complete digital experience. Microsoft will begin the revolution with the Xbox One S. The new console will likely be available for purchase in April 2019.

The move is part of Microsoft's efforts to drive their Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Pass subscriptions as part of a more significant push to create a digital ecosystem. The new disc-less Xbox will reportedly be the cheapest console in the market. While Microsoft has not provided any confirmation regarding the same, it makes sense to market the new disc-less console an affordable alternative to current versions of the Xbox One and PS4.

The concept of introducing a console with no capacity for physical media is an interesting concept for the next generation of consoles. The disc-less concept has all but taken over the PC gaming space in the form of services like Steam,, Origin and more.

Although the disc-less concept has become an interesting theme, gamers have revolted against Microsoft's initial efforts of creating a constantly connected console. This could be attributed to the expenses a subscription service could bring, and the effect it could have on the used games market.

However, Microsoft's Game Pass gives users access to a library of over a hundred games and is priced at $10 a month, an Xbox Live membership costs $50 a year. Pre-loading of games and instant refunds will majorly benefit from an all-digital model.
First Published on Mar 8, 2019 02:11 pm
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