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Ever wondered how a car can drive itself? Find out

Google, Apple, Volkswagen and others are racing towards making self-driven cars a reality.

Technology has advanced so much in recent years that now even drivers can be passengers. Google, Apple, Volkswagen and others are currently racing towards making self-driven cars a reality soon.

This concept may sound too far-fetched for many, but auto companies are making convincing arguments to show how self-driven cars will work.

Google has already started testing its driverless cars. Their cars are without steering wheels.

To ease hesitation, many self-driven cars also offer the option of driving manually.

How it will work

These cars will work like invisible humans driving a car. Similar to how the brain stores and processes information from our sensory organs, compares and remembers the routes - the car will have the main computer in its bumper. The computer will send information to the sensors which are placed next to the wheels which will navigate the car. The driver, now a passenger, has to punch in his destination. The car will do the rest.

The sensory organs of the car will be the cameras, radar sensors and lidar (laser radar) units.


(Image: Google's Driverless Car, Reuters Images)

There will be a camera on top with lidar units which keep spinning like lal batti cars. The cars will use its laser beams to give a 3-D circular image of the surroundings near the car when it's driving. The radar sensor will work similar to how a driver takes precautions while driving. It will measure the distance of the obstacles from the car.

Below is an image of how the car will see while it drives.

What the cars see - NY Times

(Image Source: New York Times)

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