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Essential tools and devices to help children learn at home

Below is a list of devices that you should invest in for your child's education.

December 27, 2020 / 07:13 AM IST
Representative Image

Representative Image

The year 2020 saw a complete overhaul of lifestyle for both adults and children. While adults worked from home, children started learning at home. From trying to keep children away from phones, we had to switch to giving gadgets access to children to help them learn. However, besides the apparent smartphone, tablet and computer, there are several other devices that you should invest in for your child's education.

  1. Large monitor/TV – Have you noticed if your child struggles to view the shared screen in a classroom on the tiny tablet window or a smartphone? The solution to this is to invest in an excellent large-screen monitor or a TV. Connect the monitor/TV to your smartphone or tablet via a wire. If you choose to use a smart TV, you can also wirelessly mirror the phone/tablet's screen on the TV easily. You can also connect it with your laptop if required for a large screen experience. With a large screen, your child will be able to read the content easily, reducing eye strain.

  2. Good pair of headphones: Since learning at home requires listening most of the time; it's highly recommended to use a good pair of headphones. A good pair of headphones can make a world of difference in understanding what is being spoken in virtual classes and tutorial videos. You can also opt for headphones with active noise cancellation to ensure that your child does not get disturbed by any ambient sounds while learning. Make sure that you invest in a headphone with a built-in microphone so that your child can also interact during an online class.

  3. Electronic writing pad: An electronic writing pad gives your child a large 8-inch LCD to write notes or draw instead of using paper and pen. It comes with a pressure-sensitive stylus using which your child can draw thick or thin lines as required. The writing pad has a dedicated button to clear everything with one tap making it ready immediately. It's lightweight and has a battery life that lasts several months.

  4. Smart Speaker – While we are dependent primarily on the phone, tablet or computer for the child's education, you can also use other teaching sources. One such source would be a smart speaker powered by Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri. You can use these smart speakers for education by having your child ask questions related to any topic. Plus, the smart speaker can also be used for playing quizzes or games to boost memory skills. You can also use the smart speaker for reminding about breaks or upcoming class timings.

  5. Carvaan Mini Kids – This dedicated portable speaker comes with various content for children aged between 2 to 10. It has 80+ rhymes, kids stories and phonetic based learning content that can be accessed anytime via a dedicated mode. It does not need internet connectivity as everything is preloaded on the speaker, making it easy to use anywhere. You can also connect it to other devices via Bluetooth to stream content on to it if required.

  6. Ergonomic Chair: It's not just the adults who need to have an ergonomic chair while working. You should also get one for your child as he would spend several hours studying while sitting in front of a computer or tablet now. Having an ergonomic chair helps your child's posture, which can also help improve focus while learning and make it comfortable to sit for long hours. There are multiple options available, but we recommend Green Soul's chairs as they offer good value for money.

  7. Wireless Extender: Internet connectivity is the critical element to keeping your child connected and accessing his education classes and resources. Most WiFi routers provided by internet providers today are good enough for a small home. If you have a large house, then it will not be powerful enough to deliver a robust, smooth connection throughout the home. This is where you should invest in a good wireless extender that can enhance your WiFi signal range. With a WiFi extender, your child can be in any house area and get a constant strong internet connection.
Karan Bajaj is a senior tech journalist based in Delhi
first published: Dec 26, 2020 08:06 am
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