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Jeep Compass 2021 Review: The nattily upgraded family car returns to form

A completely-overhauled interior and reworked exterior highlights the Jeep Compass’s intent to take on competition with renewed vigour.

February 28, 2021 / 11:35 AM IST

Not long ago, a friend of mine purchased the pre-facelift Jeep Compass upon my insistence. Naturally, this meant that I had to field a rather awkward phone call when the new one broke cover.

I told him that all wasn’t lost and that he still had a perfectly capable SUV that was genuinely off-road capable (exactly what he was looking for). I told him not to bother with gimmicks that come with every mid-lifecycle facelift because the core product remains unchanged. I must admit, I wasn’t being entirely honest.

The new, facelifted Jeep Compass feels significantly superior on the inside, than its comparatively pedestrian predecessor. Yes, the original 2017 Jeep Compass has always been a terrific product, an outright segment conqueror until it was recently eclipsed by the Kia Seltos.

Pound-for-pound, there was no beating its outright off-road capability. The new one takes that, and dials up its on-road appeal by giving the interiors a complete and eye-popping overhaul. So let’s start by evaluating the most important change.