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'No one is alone in this fight': Here's the full text of PM Modi's video message on Coronavirus

PM Modi stressed on the fact that people should not flout social distancing norms and stay inside during the exercise.

PM Narendra Modi, in his video message to the country on April 3, asked the people to show their support towards each other by coming together on April 5th, Sunday at 9 PM, switching off all lights at home and stand in balconies with candles, mobile flashlights, and torch for 9 minutes.

PM Modi also stressed on the fact that people should not flout social distancing norms and stay inside during the exercise.

Here's the full text of PM's address:


My fellow Indians, Namashkar, The nationwide lockdown against the Corona pandemic is completing 9 days today. During this period, the way you all have displayed discipline and the intent to service is unprecedented. The administration and the people have together tried to handle the situation with their diligent efforts.

The way all of you came together to show support and appreciation to the frontline workers on March 22 during Janta Curfew, it has set an example for countries around the world. Today many countries are doing the same. Whether it is Janta Curfew, making sounds with plates or bells, all this has helped people realise the strength of the nation during these challenging times.

This indicated that the country can come together to fight this war against Coronavirus. Now, during this lockdown, the unity of this country and the people is being manifested. My fellow Indians, today when crores of Indians are inside their homes, then anyone can feel that what will he/she be able to do alone?

Some must be also thinking that how will they fight this huge battle alone? These questions may have also been coming to their minds – such as how many more days would we have to spend inside? Friends, this is definitely a time of lockdown and we are inside our homes too but none of us is alone.

The united strength of 130 crore Indians is with each and every person. It is important to experience the greatness, the divinity and the light of this united strength at times. Friends, in India we see god in people. And in a fight like this, we should keep experiencing the strength of the unity of the people many times.

This experience gives us mental strength, goals, and energy to achieve these goals. It clears our path. Friends, in this darkness spread by the Coronavirus pandemic we have to consistently move towards the light.

And we should take the ones who are affected the most by Coronavirus, the underprivileged, towards hope. We have to move towards light and certainty from the darkness and uncertainty spread by Coronavirus. To defeat this dark Coronavirus challenge, we have to spread the light in all directions.

And in this respect, this Sunday on April 5, we should come together to challenge the darkness of Coronavirus. This April 5, we, the 130 crore Indians should come together to display our united strength and spread the power of light. We should take the resolve of 130 crore Indians towards new heights.

On April 5 Sunday at 9 PM, I need your 9 minutes. Listen carefully, on April 5 at 9 PM Sunday, please shut all lights in your homes and stand at your house door or balconies by lighting up candles, diyas or mobile flashlights.

When the lights will be shut and when everyone will light up diyas and candles, in that light we should take an oath and say that we are not alone. We are not alone. No one is alone. 130 crore Indians are together in this fight.

Friends, I have one more request. During this exercise, nobody should crowd at any place. Roads, streets or mohallas, no one should go in a crowd. We should do this exercise only by standing at our doors and balconies. Social distancing norms should be followed and no one should flout the norms in any situation. This is the only way to break the chain of Coronavirus.

So, this Sunday on April 5, sit alone thinking about Mother India and picture the faces of 130 crore Indians. Experience the unity and strength of the 130 crore Indians. This will give us the strength to fight against these tough times and the confidence to win.

In India it is said, There is no force bigger than our enthusiasm and spirit. There is nothing in this world that we can’t achieve with this strength.

Let’s come together and defeat the menace of Corona.

Thank you all.

You can listen to him here, in this tweet:

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First Published on Apr 3, 2020 09:04 am
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