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Tips to set up a gym at home

With hectic lifestyles and increasing awareness about fitness, many people now prefer to have an exercise area or a gym at home. While setting up a home gym, it is important to choose a R

With hectic lifestyles and increasing awareness about fitness, many people now prefer to have an exercise area or a gym at home.

While setting up a home gym, it is important to choose a space that is bright, safe, inspirational and can be customised as per one’s needs.

“Home owners can opt to have a gym in the balcony, where one can perform yoga, or in front of the television, where you can exercise with some Zumba videos playing. It could also be a little corner in the bedroom, where the treadmill is placed, or an exercise mat on which one can follow instructions from app on the smartphone,” explains Lekha Gupta, senior architect at L.A.B. (Language Architecture Body).

Some home owners prefer cardio and weight training. For this, one needs a designated gym area at home.

A small but comfortable personal gym at home, will need 300-500 sq ft of space. “For the flooring in the gym area, avoid materials that are slippery or prone to scratches. Today, one can choose from a large collection of marmoleum or vinyl in bright colours that would be suitable for the gym area,” Gupta adds.


Ensure that the home gym receives ample natural light, as it creates a positive atmosphere. If you need artificial lights, opt for LEDs, as these produce less heat than fluorescent bulbs. Ensure that the place is properly ventilated and has windows and fans. You may also install an air-conditioner. Mirrors are an essential part of any gym, as it makes it easier to observe what one is doing. You can also opt for a media/entertainment unit and place it in an unobtusive space, to avoid accidents.

The equipment for the home gym, should be chosen on the basis of one’s fitness, targets and budget. You can enlist the services of a fitness expert, for the same. “Choose equipment that you enjoy and will use on a regular basis,” suggests Praveen Nair, founder of Crossfit TFF.

“Don’t crowd the gym with all sorts of equipment. A treadmill and bicycle cross trainer are surely needed. Then, one can add a squat rack, bench press rack, pull up bar and muscle up bar. You can also have an olympic bar and a few dumbbells and kettlebells, based on your fitness levels and need,” says Nair.

A luxury at home

Ankit Khanna of Navi Mumbai, who has a small gym in the balcony of his bedroom, feels that it is a luxury to be able to exercise at home. “I enjoy my morning schedule. My balcony is breezy and I love the view. The home gym has a rustic and rugged theme. One wall has exposed brick, graffiti and inspirational quotes. I have a treadmill, a bench and dumbbells. The other wall of the balcony is painted in bright red and has a huge mirror. Beside it, I have framed inspirational posters on fitness and motivation. They simply pep up the space,” maintains Khanna.

One can also jazz up the home gym, by putting up artwork or accent elements on one wall. While designing the space, ensure that there are no sharp, exposed corners and maintain as much clear floor space, as possible. Home owners with deep pockets, can also add a steam room or a Jacuzzi, if space permits.

Exercising at home? Follow these tips Always buy good quality home gym equipment and gadgets that are durable and safe, after consulting an expert. Ensure that the home gym is bright, airy and an attractive place to exercise. Apart from natural light, use LEDs to light up the home gym, if needed. Have enough plug points for power cords of fitness equipment and also for you to enjoy music when working out. Keep equipment carefully at a designated place. Add a small shelf, where you can place towels and water bottles.


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First Published on Sep 23, 2016 12:20 pm
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