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Our biggest competition is China, says CasinoKart's Aditya Sardana

The gaming industry in India is growing and the gaming industry is estimated to be 71 billion in the year 2021, in India alone, where CasinoKart aims to target the ancillary business around the popularity of gaming in India.

Tasmayee Laha Roy @tasmayee

Tasmayee Laha Roy

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In the last couple of years, poker platforms have doubled in the country and new age entrepreneurs have made the most of it both online and offline. But Aditya Sardana who himself started playing poker seven years back, thought of making money not by playing the game but by helping it. But how?

Sardana’s Faridabad based company CasinoKart is a recognized brand that supplies tables, chips and other poker equipment to various well-known brands in India such as Deltin Royale, PokerBaazi, PokerHigh and Strike Casino.

Sardana talks to Moneycontrol on how CasinoKart works -

 Excerpts ---

What is CasinoKart all about? What prompted you to start an innovative venture like this?

CasinoKart is all about offering the best quality casino products, from high-quality card decks to poker tables, gaming chairs and chip-sets to the masses of India. This also creates an awareness and makes for a healthy education about the game. I started playing poker seven years back and hosted games at my place for friends and family. At the time, the variety of products was limited. Seeing the need and the demand for the same, it compelled me to go ahead and start importing quality cards and chipsets. The limited suppliers of quality equipment and of course the growth of poker in India is inevitable. There was a need for quality chipsets and playing cards.

How much is the initial investment that went in to put together the business?

The company started through bootstrap investments. I started my business by importing 100 pieces of Modiano (a brand of cards). Initially, I was very reluctant if it would work out or if there would be any demand for it. I looked for a company which understood my passion and also understand the demand-supply of it all. This was where Baazi Games came in, believed in the concept and invested in CasinoKart. Since our market is an oligopolistic market, it gives us the edge. We do however have a monopoly in the gaming tables we offer. We have recently started selling our products on Amazon and it has garnered a great response.

Help me understand the market. Do you have any competition in India? Is most of the stuff imported?

Our USP is that our gaming tables are all manufactured in India. Our biggest competition is China. We also have a B2C and B2B market. We supply to wholesalers, retailers and also to direct customers. The competition In India is steadily growing, so we have to innovate and compete in a lot of ways so that we are able to generate new leads and retain the existing ones.

Our playing cards range includes Modiano, Copag, KEM, Gemaco, Dal Negro which are outsourced from different countries. Chips and accessories are produced here and also imported from other countries. Our chips include plastic, clay, ceramic and Acrylic types.

What do you specialize in? Do you have a manufacturing unit or you source it?

Our speciality are poker tables and more importantly, gaming tables. We also have a great array of gaming chairs, which help gamers who play cards and any other game online or offline, professionally, to have a comfortable and a beautiful experience. Our manufacturing is completely carried out in India. The Make in India initiative has helped us have more raw materials at hand. Our playing cards are generally sourced from other countries.

What is your business model like? Who are your clients? Do you have tie-ups with any of the casinos?

In the current scenario we are delivering, casino tables tailor-made for a client, which involves intricate detailing. Our manufacturing is done with several quality checks and finishing being our top-most priority. Our manufacturing unit is based in Faridabad’s industrial area where we produce all kinds of tables. The tables are built at our production facility. We have several options for tables where a client can choose from different trims according to their taste and liking. We have an in-house research and development team which study the market according to demographics, what kind of table’s people like the most and new innovations to fit the needs of every player. Improvisation of a new table model takes time as it varies from the kind of requirement people have, but we’re overcoming that challenge very fast. Besides that, we have budget tables for home games, professional tables for clubs, and high-end tables for casinos.

Our clients include all the leading online gaming companies. The casinos in Goa, by Delta Group, Big Daddy Casino, Strike Casino are also our clients. The live poker, rummy and bridge rooms in Kolkata and Bengaluru have our products, which range from tables to cards.

What is the price range of your products? Do people take fancy for customization? If yes please elaborate on the same?

The products can range from Rs 200 to Rs 1.5 lakh and above, it all depends on the needs of the customers. All of our products are customizable to the liking of the patron. The look of the gaming tables can be customised down to every last detail, thereby giving our customers the flexibility of choice. We also offer customised playing cards and poker chips if people want to brand their own products.

You have been around for a couple of years now-whats been your YoY growth like? Tell us about what’s in the bucket list for Casino Kart?

Our YoY has seen a steady climb. It has been a healthy 50 percent to 80 percent.

The gaming industry in India is growing and the gaming industry is estimated to be $71 billion in the year 2021, in India alone. So we have a head start before the boom gets bigger. We are opening an office in the UK to be able to supply to our European customers. Our aim is to introduce new product lines every quarter, innovations in terms of designs and quality in all categories. With the growing sectors, we strive to target new audiences and create awareness about poker being a skill based game, eventually converting them to buy our products. We seek a lot of growth in the export sector with our R&D team working round the clock to introduce new features, models to compete with the other suppliers.

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