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These 2 Indian sites are among the 'World's Greatest Places', according to TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine's 2023 list of marvels from around the world includes India's mountainous paradise and the home of rare black-striped tigers. Take a look.

March 18, 2023 / 01:50 PM IST
(Images: Pixabay and

(Images: Pixabay and

TIME Magazine has released its 2023 list of the 50 greatest places in the world as travel rebounds this year. It includes everything from the sites of clear blue lagoons and ancient temples to the city where the dreaded narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar once lived.

These far-flung places were chosen with special focus on the new and exciting experiences they afforded. The list reflects changes in the travel landscape because of increased attention on originality as well as sustainability.

"The travel industry is back in full swing in 2023, but not without notable shifts in how and where we wander," the magazine said.

Two locations from India were among the those picked by TIME Magazine for its list -- The World's Greatest Places Of 2023. Take a look:


The Union Territory of Ladakh is renowned for its dramatic landscapes, high mountain passes, strikingly clear skies, monasteries and adventure sports.

There is the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary to see and you certainly shouldn't miss a visit to the Hanle village, which is India first-ever Dark Sky Reserve.  A Dark Sky Reserve is an area where the natural darkness and sky quality is optimum for sky watching.

While in Ladakh, TIME Magazine recommended staying at Sustainable properties -- Kyagar Hotel in Nubra Valley, Shel Ladakh (30 minutes away from the Leh airport) and Dolkhar in Leh.


Odisha's Mayurbhanj district is known as the Land of Tigers. Its Similipal Tiger Reserve is home to the rare melanistic tigers, distinctive for their majestic black stripes.

Apart from watching these rare creatures in their habitat, you can also visit some beautiful ancient temples -- Khiching, Maa Ambika and Jagannath.

Visitors must also see the crocodile rearing centre of Ramtirtha and the sacred Bhimkund pool.

first published: Mar 18, 2023 01:47 pm