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Viral video: Slow-travelling meteor in UK leaves experts puzzled

Experts wondered if it was a meteor or space debris since it displayed a speed unusual for the former.

September 16, 2022 / 04:10 PM IST
(Image credit: @RhiannonHayes12/Twitter)

(Image credit: @RhiannonHayes12/Twitter)

On the night of September 14, people across Scotland and Northern England and Ireland saw a fireball streak the skies. Soon, Twitter became flooded with videos of the stunning sight.

"Did I see a shooting star in or is that something crashing out the sky?" Twitter user Rhiannon Hayes while sharing a video that has now gone viral.



More people followed suit, sharing visuals of the fireball from their respective locations.


For a while, experts wondered if it was a meteor or space debris. 

UK Meteor Observation Network said it was space debris, since it seemed to be moving much slower than a meteor, the group's founder Richard Kacerek told CNN

The network believed SpaceX's Starlink was the source of the debris, The Guardian reported. But after gathering more information, they discarded the theory. 

John Maclean, an astronomer with network, told The Guardian, the fireball was probably a "small piece of an asteroid that’s broken off an asteroid". 

 “The speed and the way we break it up, is what threw us initially. It was quite slow which is more consistent with a space junk, so thought too slow for a meteor," Maclean added. 

After journeying through skies above the UK, the meteor plunged into the Atlantic. 


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first published: Sep 16, 2022 04:06 pm