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Soon, cow burps and farts can be turned into clothes

Face masks designed by Zelp, a UK-based company, are said to reduce methane emissions from cattle by 60 per cent.

November 22, 2022 / 01:52 PM IST
(Representative image)

(Representative image)

As industries look towards sustainable and environmental-friendly ways of production, a US-based start-up Mango Materials has started to make bio-based clothing fibers from methane which can then be used to replace the plastic in packaging and the polyester in clothing.

Although the methane used in this process has been captured from landfills and sewage plants, soon, the gas may directly be collected from cows -- a major producer of the greenhouse gas.

“We can use many forms of methane because methane is the key component in natural gas, but it’s also produced from waste processes like wastewater treatment plants, landfills, agricultural facilities, and abandoned coal mines,” Molly Morse, co-founder and CEO of Mango Materials said in a recent interview with Geosphere Packaging.

“So we can use this waste methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas, to feed the bacteria to produce PHA. That’s what makes Mango Materials unique.” PHA is a biodegradable biopolymer that can be used to make clothes.