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Storyboard18 | FCB focuses on creating timely and timeless brands in the post pandemic era

On a trip to India, FCB Global CEO Tyler Turnbull spoke about creativity and building lasting brands in the post-pandemic world, acquiring and retaining talent, and Web3.0.

April 27, 2022 / 11:33 AM IST
Tyler Turnbull, global CEO of FCB.

Tyler Turnbull, global CEO of FCB.

After the departure of Carter Murray from FCB in February 2022, FCB global saw some restructuring. Tyler Turnbull, was promoted to global CEO from CEO of FCB North America. Turnbull rose from intern to CEO in eight short years and he stands as the agency's most trusted turnaround agent. As he visited the India office two months after the promotion, Storyboard18 caught up with him to know his vision for the agency, restructuring at FCB, creativity in the post pandemic era, and acquiring and retaining talent. Edited excerpts.

You have recently taken over as the CEO of FCB Global post the departure of Carter Murray. Those are big shoes to fill. What are your challenges and what is your vision for FCB?

I joined FCB because of Carter and the journey that I was with him on for the last seven years was really to reignite the creative spirit of FCB, to prove to clients the value of our creativity and to attract the best creative and strategic talent in the industry.

For me, going forward, it’s about connecting that creativity with growth. For us across FCB, we have this phrase that creativity is a great economic multiplier and that really is my core focus.