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Last Updated : Sep 21, 2020 09:08 PM IST | Source: Moneycontrol.com

New kid on the block in the Bhojpuri GEC space as Enterr10 launches Rangeela

The channel is a free to air channel and will go live on September 22.

The Bhojpuri market is attracting broadcasters to launch more Bhojpuri language channels thanks to the strong viewership growth for Bhojpuri content.

The new kid on the block is Enterr10’s new Bhojpuri language general entertainment channel (GEC) called Rangeela.

Enterr10 Television, an Indian media and entertainment company has channels like Dangal in its portfolio.


Rangeela’s content portfolio includes Ramayan (Bhojpuri), mix of fiction and non-fiction content ranging across series and reality shows, awards, and blockbuster films and world television premieres.

The channel is a free to air channel and will go live on September 22.

“Over the last five years, regional television has been a real game-changer. There is untapped potential and opportunity to reach out to a new set of audiences in a language of their comfort. The Bhojpuri region is one such region with ample of scope and potential,” said Managing Director at Enterr10 TV, Manish Singhal.

According to experts, the Bhojpuri market has seen significant growth especially in comparison to other regional market and it is relatively new and has been inhabited by fewer channels.

Plus, Bhojpuri in the last two to three years has seen 80-85 percent growth in viewership which shows the hunger for authentic Bhojpuri content and also gives an indication that there is far more room to grow.

In the past four years, many regional channels have seen strong viewership, especially Bhojpuri channels.

While the viewership amid Bhojpuri channels in the past four years has increased by 200 percent, viewership of other language channels like Gujarati has grown by 157 percent, Assamese 125 percent, Marathi 128 percent, Urdu 179 percent, Odia 111 percent and Bengali 83 percent.

Along with viewership, advertisers are also showing interest in the Bhojpuri space.

Experts also say that in the last three years if content consumption has seen 85 percent growth, then adex (advertising expenditure) growth has been almost 30-33 percent during the same period in the Bhojpuri market. If more vernacular content is in place then the advertisers’ interest for the market grows manifold.

Advertising rates on Bhojpuri GECs are anywhere in the range of Rs 450 for a 10 second slot to Rs 26,400 for the same duration.
First Published on Sep 21, 2020 09:08 pm