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ChatGPT creates theme, menu of CEO's dinner party. The results...

Need a helper for your own evening gathering? ChatGPT is here to help.

February 01, 2023 / 11:15 AM IST
A US-based CEO tested  ChatGPT by involving it in party planning.  (Image credit: @seanlinehan/Twitter)

A US-based CEO tested ChatGPT by involving it in party planning. (Image credit: @seanlinehan/Twitter)

ChatGPT has answers to everything, even what to cook for your next dinner party. Want the most unconventional recipe ideas? No problem for the chatbot.

ChatGPT responds to human instructions and questions, yes that includes the recipe for "beef explosion with a hint of unicorn".

A Twitter thread shows how the chatbot generated a complete menu for a dinner party, based on an array from instructions from the participants.

Sean Linehan, the US-based  CEO of coaching platform Exec, said he wanted to test the limits of the chatbot. The results, he said, were "surprisingly delightful".

He began by asking ChatGPT to suggest interesting cuisines for a winter . gathering. The chatbot responded with "Nordic cuisine, Russian, Japanese and Middle Eastern".

Wanting to extract unique ideas from the chatbot, Linehan told it to think of fusion themes. It suggested Mexican-Italian fusion, Peruvian-Chinese mix, East meets West, among others.

Linehan and his party settled on a Mediterranean-Indian theme for their potluck evening.


In the next step, he got ChatGPT to suggest dishes based on what the participants liked eating. "We all like relatively fancy food and live in San Francisco," Linehan told the bot.

It came up with 20 delicacies, including grilled chicken shawarma with raita, samosas filled with minced lamb, tandoori shrimp and cardamom-saffron pistachio baklava.

The next task for the chatbot was to create a list of ingredients, cooking times, serving sizes and instructions for each of the dishes

"I repeated this once for each menu item ChatGPT came up with (20 in total) and compiled them into one document to share with everybody."

The group chose to prepare nine dishes.

"With the modifications made by the various chefs, every dish wound up delicious," Linehan wrote, sharing photos from his party. "The cardamom-saffron pistachio baklava was a particular delight. "It was a unique mix of Indian and Mediterranean flavors that I wouldn't have thought to try otherwise."

It took a lot of detailed prompts but Linehan said it was a "super fun experience".

"I would do it again," he wrote.

ChatGPT is a product of OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research lab whose founders include Elon Musk.

It is a conversational dialogue model trained to grasp and respond to natural human language by AI and machine learning.

ChatGPT can answer follow-up questions, counter hypothesis, acknowledge mistakes and even refuse requests that it considers inappropriate.

Many big corporations have shown interest in that chatbot that seems to have taken the world by storm.

first published: Feb 1, 2023 11:11 am