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Budget 2023
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First batch of Intel's Arc GPUs is out now for laptops

Intel's Arc A-Series A350M and A370M are low-power GPUs meant for ultra-portable devices

March 31, 2022 / 04:02 PM IST
(Image Courtesy: Intel)

(Image Courtesy: Intel)

Intel is ready to roll out the first batch of graphics processing units (GPUs) under the Arc brand. The US chipmaker said the Arc 3-Series A350M and A370M GPUs were now available for laptops. The GPUs support DirectX 12 and have dedicated ray-tracing hardware.

The low-power GPUs are meant for portable devices and consume around twice the power compared to Intel's integrated Xe graphics. The A350M has 6 Xe cores, 6 dedicated ray-tracing units, a clock speed of 1150 MHz with 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM. It consumes between 25-35W of power.

The A370M has two more Xe cores, eight dedicated ray-tracing units, clock speed of 1550 MHz and  4GB of DDR6 VRAM with the power consumption ranging between 35-50W.

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