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Apple working on multi-device charger and AR Headset: Report

Mark Gurman from the Power On newsletter says Apple is eyeing a 2022 launch for the AR Headset.

November 29, 2021 / 06:03 PM IST
Apple hasn't abandoned the idea of multi-device charging

Apple hasn't abandoned the idea of multi-device charging

First announced in 2017, Apple's Airpower charging mat promised wireless multi-device charging for the company's family of devices. It was cancelled in 2019 and Apple said that the mat did not live up to its expectations.

It looks like Apple didn't abandon the idea altogether and now we have a report that says the company is still developing a multi-device charger and working on new wireless charging technology for its products.

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Bloomberg's Mark Gurman (via 9to5Mac) says that Apple's new charger will be based on separate technology than the current MagSafe chargers. The company is also hard at work on both short and long range wireless charging solutions.

Interestingly, Gurman points at that Apple is betting on a future where hardware devices will be able to charge each other. Currently, there are Android devices in the market that support reverse wireless charging, where one device can charge another in close proximity.


Besides charging technologies, Apple is also working on an AR headset, a device that the company plans to roll out in 2022. Gurman says that the gap between the launch and availability will be significant.

He believes that Apple's headset will be complex and expensive to make.

It would also have interchangeable lenses, something that the company will, "need to work with governments globally on possible prescription lenses and partner with a bevy of manufacturers on complex technologies that neither side has shipped before."

"That will take time," said Gurman, adding that Apple will likely take its time with it before exposing it to risks of leaks.
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first published: Nov 29, 2021 06:03 pm
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