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SEBI lays down a roadmap for Social Stock Exchanges

SEBI has developed a robust framework to enable match making between social/charitable organizations and philanthropists/, big and small, who are in search of such organizations. Using the existing and well developed infrastructure of stock exchanges, SEBI has ambitiously sought to create a transparent and well governed market place for philanthropy

September 29, 2022 / 09:34 AM IST
SEBI lays down a roadmap for Social Stock Exchanges

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Highlights SEBI has sought to make philanthropy easier by bringing together social enterprises and donors Social Stock Exchanges will be set up for the purpose, within existing national exchanges Zero coupon zero principal tradeable bonds can be issues by social enterprises The ‘social investor’ would soon have a choice of investing through Social Impact Funds It is still a work in progress and the tax implications need to be clarified After studies conducted by expert groups, followed by changes in a bunch of regulations...

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