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Budget 2023
Budget 2023

4 steps for mutual fund investors to get started

It's a misconception that you need a lot of money to start investing

October 14, 2019 / 08:56 AM IST

Satyen Kothari

The funny thing about financial education is that it's almost never formally imparted to most people. We learn everything from algebra to geometry, but most of us never get to know how to save money or invest money or grow our wealth.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that most new investors find themselves in a tricky situation when it comes to investing money. We’re thrown face-first into a whirlpool of financial jargon and, more often than not, our Google-based research tempts us into investing in mutual funds. But, we all know that mutual funds are subject to market risks and that we should read the offer documents carefully before investing.

But what does that really mean? How exactly should you approach mutual funds? Which are the best mutual funds to invest in? And how many mutual funds should you invest in any way?