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Budget 2023
Budget 2023

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As we look back, we have more than one reason to cheer on the investment space

April 26, 2021 / 03:11 PM IST

Dear Reader,

We are celebrating our second birthday amid the raging second wave of the pandemic with growing uncertainties and a barrage of questions in the minds of investors. However, as we look back at how we have navigated the tumultuous journey in the past one year, we have more than one reason to cheer.

The year has been unprecedented in human history, testing the grit and determination of mankind and the nerves of investors across the globe. Markets rose from the depths of despondency like a phoenix, and the irony was that more than the joy, each up-move was shrouded in disbelief.

Staying true to Warren Buffet’s advice, we were greedy while others were fearful and tried to make sense of the market’s collapse in March last year, drawing from the experiences of history. While the clamour in the midst of every crisis has been “this one is different”, the unparalleled monetary and fiscal actions globally gave us the confidence to suggest otherwise, and alert our investors on selective opportunities emanating early on.