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Trader’s Edge: An educator’s strategy to generate additional income for working professionals

Delhi-based educator Rituraaj J focusses on deriving steady returns in minimal time while trying to avoid capital loss

NOIDA / November 26, 2022 / 07:12 AM IST

It’s often said that intraday trading in the stock market is not something for those with day jobs. But there are always some people who find ways to overcome such constraints.

Rituraaj J (@simpletrades), a New Delhi-based corporate professional-turned-educator, has devised a setup that takes 15 to 30 minutes every day to generate consistent additional income every week by scalping Bank Nifty options.

Scalping refers to a day-trading strategy aimed at benefitting from small price movements.

“Being a working professional and officegoer, I had only limited time in the morning to take my trades and this is absolutely bang-on for busy people with limited time,” said Rituraaj, who prefers using only his first name. “It also works with people who do not want to risk huge capital in options trading, irrespective of buying or selling options.”