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Top Performing smallcases for the last 6 months: Dec 2021 - May 2022

Let us have a look at the Top Performing smallcases of May 2022.

June 03, 2022 / 07:25 PM IST

The last 6 months has been a bumpy ride for Mr Market. Recently, global cues and the US Fed’s stance on their policy to lower inflation have hurt market sentiments , ending markets in red. A fresh jump in oil prices just made matters worse. May also saw the launch of certain IPOs like LIC & Delhivery and the steam around IPOs doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In midst of all this let us have a look at the Top Performing smallcases of May 2022.

Smallcases are model portfolios of stocks/ETFs based on a theme, idea or strategy. It is a modern investment instrument for investors to build long term diversified portfolios. smallcases are created by SEBI registered professionals. smallcases have been succesful in bringing a different flavour to investing making acccess easy across various strategies, market segments, sectors and risk profiles.

Here are the Top performing smallcases of the last 6 months from Dec 2021 - May 2022:


Managed by: Stayvan

- Strategy:

These smallcase has 7 independent stocks from different sectors across market cap.

This smallcase follows a SIP strategy designed to provide comparative better returns over a decent period of time. Not recommended for Short term investors.
TAARE ZAMEEN PAR by Dipen Shah (25yrs experience) smallcase by Stayvan

Top 10 Insider Trading

- Managed by: Nooresh Merani

- Strategy:

Top 10 Insider Trading actively tracks Open Market Buying and Selling by Promoters

This smallcase comes out with Interesting Stocks worth Investing based on Owner’s actions
Top 10 Insider Trading smallcase by Nooresh Merani

Omni Bharat Defence

- Managed by: Omniscience Capital

- Strategy:

This is a multi stock portfolio of 20-25 stocks selected from the top 300 universe

The underlying equity themes consist of selecting high quality stocks with high momentum and low volatility.
Omni Bharat Defence smallcase by Omniscience Capital

Underdogs too will shine

- Managed by: Ambareesh Baliga

- Strategy:

This smallcase aims to capture Alpha from Non-Belief to Dis-belief

These are fundamentally good stocks with excellent management but have been out of favour
Underdogs too will shine smallcase by Ambareesh Baliga

Craving Alpha Core

- Managed by: Craving Alpha

- Strategy:

Old School Value Investing portfolio for you amidst all the AI jargon

Suitable- for those investing less than 30% of liquid net worth with no plan to liquidate within at-least SIX MONTHS (at least = 20 lakhs)
Craving Alpha Core smallcase by Craving Alpha

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