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Leading smallcases across different categories

Smallcase Min. Amount (₹) Returns Volatility
TAARE ZAMEEN PAR 1,206 82.68%
Low Volatility
Green Energy 55,036 58.72%
High Volatility
POWER PORTFOLIO 3,159 51.59%
High Volatility
Omni Bharat Defence 100,000 39.99%
High Volatility
Electric Mobility - Low-Cost Version 106,677 37.38%
Medium Volatility
Smallcase Min. Amount (₹) Returns Volatility
ICICI Prudential Smart 238 16.98%
Medium Volatility
Equity & Gold 280 16.17%
Low Volatility
Armour Portfolio 331 1.9%
Low Volatility
NG5050 Momentum 369 11.38%
Low Volatility
Axis MF Balanced Allocation Strategy 373 -1.11%
Medium Volatility
Smallcase Min. Amount (₹) Returns Volatility
Frog 123,641 10.52%
High Volatility
High Performing MidCaps 37,915 84.35%
High Volatility
Naukri Se Azaadi Wealth Creator 44,558 5.11%
High Volatility
Penny-Stocks-Midcap-Large-Cap-Nse-Bse-Stocks 6,601 21.38%
High Volatility
Moon 22,130 5.99%
Low Volatility


Getting Started

What are smallcases?
smallcases are modern investment products that help you build a low cost, long term and diversified portfolio. Each smallcase is a professionally managed basket of stocks or ETFs that reflects a strategy, idea or theme. You can login with your Broker account and start investing right away.
How to invest in smallcases?
To begin investing in smallcases, login with your Broker ID and password on the website or mobile app, select smallcases and get started. After selecting a smallcase, click on the "Invest Now" button. Choose between Monthly SIP or One Time & confirm the amount. Click on "Confirm Orders" and voila, the order is executed.
Who manages smallcases?
smallcases are created & managed by SEBI-registered professionals who eat, sleep & breathe the stock market.
What are the fees charged?
There are two types of fees to be paid before investing in a smallcase:
  • Research & Advisory fees: While many smallcases are free and don't have this, others require a subscription fee to be paid to the manager of the respective smallcase. This can be a flat fee or a percentage fee based on your investment value which you can find on the smallcase page.
  • Transaction fees: The transaction fee for smallcase transactions depends on the broker you're using to invest. You can find this on the FAQs & Help section on the smallcases Platform for the respective brokerage.
How are smallcases different from stocks?
  • A smallcase is a basket of stocks or ETFs that reflects a strategy, idea or theme.
  • Investing in a basket of stocks gives you diversification benefits that minimize stock-specific risk. Instead of picking stocks, you can invest in ideas you believe in or professionally managed research-backed portfolios.
Can I start SIP on smallcase?
You can start an SIP in smallcases in two ways:
  • Choose Monthly SIP when making a fresh investment
  • From your investments, select a smallcase & click on Start SIP
What is rebalancing?
Rebalancing is the process of periodically reviewing smallcases by their creators. It ensures that the smallcase continues to reflect the original idea. You should review & apply the update as you receive them.

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