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Budget 2023
Budget 2023

Here's why sticking to a strategy is key to generating long-term returns

The key is to stick to a strategy and not to flirt around with the flavor of seasons. Stay the course to smell the roses, however hard one is being hounded.

September 18, 2020 / 12:20 PM IST

The secret of getting ahead is getting started, said American writer Mark Twain.

But, he left something unsaid that is far more important from an investing perspective; once "started", the key is "staying put".

Like the proverbial Zen paradox, the best way to move ahead is to stand still.

Switching strategies (from value to momentum or vice-versa or from small to large-cap etc.) to suit the flavour of the season is a recipe for disaster, especially in the investing world. Rolling stones hardly gather moss. In stillness, there is greater dynamism.
Value Is Dead, Long Live Value