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Tata Steel Ltd.

BSE: 500470 | NSE: TATASTEEL |

Represents Equity.Intra - day transactions are permissible and normal trading is done in this category
Series: EQ | ISIN: INE081A01020 | SECTOR: Iron & Steel

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Company History - Tata Steel
 - The Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited was formed in 1907 at
 Mumbai. The Company manufactures rails, fishplates, bars, light
 structurals, heavy structurals, plates, black sheets, galvanised
 sheets, tin bars, sleeper bars, sleepers, blooms, billets, sheet
 bars, wheels, tyres and axles, skelp and strip, and special steels
 tools such as picks, beaters, hammers and shovels and red-oxide, coal
 tar, sulphate of ammonia, etc.
 - Iron and steel are made by the open hearth, duplex electric and a
 combination of these processes, and the steel is rolled into finished
 - During the year 1,50,000 equity shares issued at par and 26,250
 deferred shares issued at a premium of Rs.370 per share. 
 - During the year 7,00,000 second pref. shares of Rs.100 each issued
 at par. 6181 second pref. shares forfeited.
 - During the year, 8750 defd. shares of Rs.30 each converted into
 292,500 equity shares of Rs.75 each.  642,500 bonus equity shares
 issued in prop. 1:1.
 - During the year 12,85,000 right equity shares issued in prop.1:1,
 and a premium of 30 per share.
 - 12,142 rights share subscribed for 11,524 bonus equity shares
 allotted in prop. 1:1.
 - During the year 3,75,000 A IInd pref. & 6,18,372 equity shares
 offered in prop. 1:2 & 1:5. (Arrears: 29,625.)
 - During the year 1,330 A, IInd pref. shares and 2,959 No. of equity
 shares were subscribed for.  Arrears Rs.840.
 - In March 14,69,722 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 2:5. 
 Arrears Rs.136.
 - With effect from 1st April, the wholly owned subsidiary, West
 Bokaro Ltd., was amalgamated with the company.
 - Tata Steel and ACC signed a long-term agreement, valid up to the
 end of 1991, whereby the slag from the granulation plant could be
 taken by ACC.
 - On 19th March, the company approved the proposal to convert the
 company's irredeemable preference shares into redeemable
 non-convertible bonds.  The interest on bonds is payable with effect
 from 1st April, 1983 at half-yearly rests.  Thus bonds of face value
 aggregating Rs 11.40 crores were issued under this scheme.
 - During the year Indian Tube Company Limited was amalgamated with
 the company.  After the amalgamation, the company produces a wide
 range of tubes including seamless and welded quality tubes.  The
 company also makes agricultural implements and alloy steel baring
 - As a measure of diversification, the Company agreed to purchase the
 bearings manufacturing plant of Metal Box India, Ltd. at Kharagpur as
 a going concern with effect from 1st October.
 - During the same year, the company acquired the Barings Unit of the
 Metal Box Company of India Limited and is today a leading
 manufacturer of Ball and Tapered Roller Bearings with an annual
 installed capacity of over 5 million bearings which is being further
 augmented to 10
 million bearings. 
 - As a measure of diversification, the company entered into a lease
 agreement with Bihar State Industrial Development Corporation, to
 reopen Kumardhubi Engineering Works Ltd.  For this purpose a new
 company under the name Kumardhubi Metal Castings & Engineering Co.,
 Ltd. was formed.  The company would have a share of 49% and the
 BSIDIC would hold 51% in this joint sector company.
 - During March-May the company offered 15% non-convertible debentures
 for Rs.50 crores as right to raise funds for working capital and also
 for capital expenditure.
 - The Company decided to accept subscription to the extent of Rs. 75
 crores.  The redemption date for debentures worth Rs 16.09 crores was
 extended by seven years from 16th September, 1991 and rate of interest
  raised to 16% from 16.9.1991.
 - With effect from 1st October, Indian Tube Co. Ltd was amalgamated
 with TISCO.
 - In terms of the scheme of amalgamation, the shareholders of ITC
 were allotted 72,153 No. of equity shares of TISCO in the proportion
 of 1 share of TISCO for every 2 shares of ITC held.
 - 72,153 shares issued to members of Indian Tube Co. Ltd., as on
 1.10.1985 on its merger.  9,89,077 shares issued at par on part
 conversion of 13.5% bonds.
 - In October, higher recovery of iron-bearing materials from waste
 materials viz., a Rs.18.5 crores waste-recycling plant, was
 - On 2nd March, 300,000 tonne capacity bar and rod mill costing about
 Rs.78 crores was commissioned under the second phase of
 - On 11th August, approvals were received for investment of Rs.16
 crores in the Capital of Tata Timken Ltd., a company promoted by Tata
 Steel in collaboration with Timken Co. USA, for the manufacture of
 bearings for the automotive industry, industrial machinery and for
 Indian Railways.
 - 33,05,147 Bonus shares allotted in August, (prop. 2:5) 40,16,000
 rights shares then issued (prem. Rs 30 per share; prop. 1:3). 
 Another 2,00,800 shares offered (prem. Rs 350 per share) to the
 employees (including working directors)/workers on equitable basis
 (only 50,397
 shares taken up).
 - During the period the company, installed a new sinter plant with a
 capacity of 1.3 million tonnes per annum, a new coke over battery
 with stamp charging facilities, a raw material bedding a blending
 yard, a high speed bar and rod mill with a capacity of 3,00,000
 tonnes per
 annum and facilities to augment captive power generation by 60 MW.
 - 75 No. of equity shares out of the rights issue made on August
 1987, allotted to employees on 31.8.1988.
 - The Company made large scale utilisation of blue dust, normally
 considered a waste material, in sinter making in the steel industry.
 - In July, letter of intent was received for the manufacture of 0.30
 million tonnes per annum of ordinary portland cement at
 Nipania/Sonadih in the Raipur district of M.P and 1.43 million tonnes
 per annum of Portland Blast furnace slag cement at Jamshedpur. 
 consultancy agreements in respect of this project were signed with
 Holtech India and Holderbank (HMC), Switzerland. 
 - During the period, civil work commenced on major production and
 supporting facilities such as hot strip mill with a capacity of 1
 million tonnes per annum, a blast furnance and an energy optimising
 - The profits were affected by erratic power supply, escalation in
 input costs and heavy interest charges payable on convertible
 - During the year, the company issued two series of debentures for a
 total value of Rs.565 crores.  In the Ist series 34,16,667 - 12%
 fully convertible debentures of Rs.600 each for a total value of Rs.
 205 crores were offered as follows:
 - (i) 32,54,167 debentures to the equity shareholders of the Company
 on rights basis in the ratio of 1 debenture for every 5 equity shares
 held (all were taken up).
 - Additional 4,80,403 debentures were allotted to retain over
 subscription and
 - (ii) 1,62,500 debentures to the employees/workers of the Company
 (none were taken up).
 - Each debenture of Rs 600 would be automatically and compulsorily
 converted into 1 equity share of Rs 100 at a premium of Rs 500 per
 share as on 1st February, 1990.
 - Another 7,722 debentures reserved for allotment to shareholders who
 were unable to subscribe for genuine reasons (of these 4,722 allotment
 to financial institutions and 3,000 reserved for allotment to
 - In IInd series, the company offered 30,00,000 partly convertible
 debentures of Rs.1,200 each along with 4,50,000 debentures permitted
 to be retained as over subscription.
 - Of these the following debentures were reserved for allotment on a
 preferential basis:
 - (i) 7,50,000 debentures along with 1,12,500 debentures permitted to
 be retained as oversubscription to shareholders of the Company (all
 were taken up);
 - (ii) 1,25,000 debentures along with 18,750 debentures as over
 subscription to employees (only 7,885 debentures taken up);
 - (iii) 2,91,667 debentures along with permitted retention of 43,750
 debentures to IFCW (only 2,91,667 debentures taken up) and 
 - (iv) 10,00,000 debentures to Tata Companies along with permitted
 retention of 1,50,000 debentures (only 10,08,325 debentures taken
 - The balance 8,33,333 debentures along with permitted retention of
 1,25,000 debentures were issued to the public through a prospectus. 
 In addition, unsubscribed portion of the preferential quota adding
 upto 3,21,290 debentures were also issued to the public (all were
 taken up).
 - A portion of Rs 600 of each debenture was automatically and
 compulsorily converted into 1 equity share of Rs 100 of the Company
 at a premium of Rs. 500 per share on 1st February 1990.  The
 non-convertible portion of Rs 600 of each debenture would be
 at par on the expiry of 8 years from the date of allotment of
 - Severe shortages and wide fluctations in the power supply from the
 DVC coupled with increased requirements of power with the
 commissioning of various units under modernisation programme Phase II
 affected the operations of the finishing mills.
 - In November, the 80-tonne energy optimising furnace set up with
 Korf Technology was commissioned. 
 - During the year Company acquired a 100% export-oriented
 ferro-chrome manufacturing unit of OMC Alloys Ltd. from the Orissa
 State Government at a total cost of 156 crores.  It is located at
 Bammpal, Orissa, and has a capacity to produce 50,000 tonnes per
 annum of ferro-chrome.
 - The decentralisation of imports and the dismantling of State
 machinery in the said area enabled the Company to make a foray into
 the inward trading of steel and steel-related products through the
 formation of a new `Agency department.'
 - During March, the new 500 t.p.d oxygen plant was commissioned.  In
 November the new one million tonne capacity `G' blast furnace was
 - During the year company privately placed with UTI, LIC, Army Group
 Insurance Fund and GIC and its subsidiaries 17.5% non-convertible
 debentures worth Rs.185 crores.  These debentures are redeemable at a
 premium of 5% at the end of 7 years from the date of allotment of the
 - During June/July, the company issued 4 to 7 years Secured Premium
 Notes of Rs.300 each as follows: (i) 110,00,000 SPN of Rs 300 each to
 the shareholders on the basis of a minimum number of SPNs to each
 shareholders; (ii) 5,50,000 SPN of Rs 300 each to employees'/workers
 of the Company on the basis of 5 SPNs to each employee and (iii)
 115,50,000 warrants for subscribing against payment in cash to one
 share per SPNs of Rs. 10 each at a premium of Rs 70 per share
 exercisable between one and a half years from the date of allotment
 SPNs (all the  offered SPNs were taken up).
 - The principal amount of SPNs of Rs 300 each was to be repaid in 4
 equal annual instalments of Rs 75 each from the end of 4th year to
 the end of the 7th year together with an equivalent additional amount
 of Rs 75 with each installment.
 - 920,54,616 rights shares issued (prop. 2:5; prem. Rs 70) in June,
 Another 46,02,731 shares allotted to employees, etc. (prem.  Rs 70
 per share).
 - Each warrant holder was entitled to be allotted 1 oridinary share
 of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 70 per share, exercisable in the
 period of one and half years from the date of allotment.
 - During March, some of the facilities forming part of the one
 million tonne per annum strip mill under the modernisation programme.
  During  the later half of the year, the one million tonne per annum
 hot strip mill was commissioned.  Both the cement units at Sonadih
 and Jojobera were commissioned during the year.  The cement grinding
 unit at Jojobera was commisioned.
 - On 5th November, 27,72,230 equity shares of Rs. 80 each were
 allotted per detachable warrant issued by the company to the holders
 of SPN. Another 15,96,202 ordinary shares of Rs.80 each allotted on
 exercise of right under detachable warrants.
 - During the third phase, another 67,92,645 shares were allotted on
 exercise of warrants.  For the balance of 3,88,923 detachable
 warrants for which option had not been exercised, the option was
 deemed to lapsed except in respect of approx.  12,570 warrants
 applicable to
 matters which are in dispute and for which the option is deemed to be
 kept alive till the settlement of disputes. 
 - The principal amount of SPN of Rs 300 each is repayable in 4 equal
 installments of Rs 75 each from the end of the 4th year to the end of
 7th year, together with an equivalent additional amount of Rs 75 with
 each installment.
 - The Additional payment of Rs 75 per SPN every year, was to be made
 up of interest of Rs 30 and Rs 15 and redemption premium of Rs 45 and
 Rs 60 in the 6th and 7th year respectively.
 - During the year the company offered 2.25% convertible bonds due
 1999 convertible into Global Depository Receipts.  The bonds of the
 aggregate value of US $ 1000,00,000 was to be converted into GDRs
 representing shares at the option of the bondholders at the
 price of Rs.291 per GDR from 1st April 1994 to 2nd March 1999.
 - 1,88,650 No. of Equity shares underlying the issue of Global
 Depository Receipts arising upon exercise of option attached to
 21.25% convertible bonds were issued.  Upto March 31, 1998 bonds
 worth US $ 19,04,000 were converted into ordinary shares of the
 - During this period, operations in cement grinding at Jojobera were
 adversely affected by inadequate availability of rakes for clinker
 movement and certain mechanical problem.
 - During Feb. the company issued 2 1/4 convertible bonds due 1999
 convetible into Global depositing remple representing one ordinary
 shares of Rs.10 each at an initial conversion rate of Rs.291 per
 share. Each bond is in the denomination of US $ 1000.
 - The bonds are redeemable at the option of the company: (i) in whole
 but not in part at their principal amount together with accrued
 interest if conversion rights shall have been exercised in respect of
 95% or (ii) at any time on or after 1st April 1996, in whole or in
 part at their principal amount together with accrued interest.
 - On 24th May the company allotted 3,00,00,000 naked warrants on
 preferential basis to the Tata Companies and associated entities. 
 - The company was implementing expansion of the Hot Strip Mill to two
 million tonnes per annum and increasing the saleable steel capacity to
 3.20 million tonne per annum.  The company proposed to install a bar
 and rod mill of 5,00,000 tonnes per annum capacity and put up a
 facility to produce forging quality Rounds/Squares.
 - During the year company had locate a new steel plant a cold rolling
 unit at Gopalpur, Orissa with an installed capacity of 1.1 million
 tonnes per annum.
 - During the year central govt. had reduced the area under mining
 lease at Sukinda to 406 hectors from 1261 hectares.  The company had
 preferred appeals against the decision of the Orissa High Court and
 the Supreme Court.  However, the Supreme Court had dismissed the
 company's appeals and upheld the judgment of Orissa High Court and
 the decision
 of Central Government.
 - 30,018,246 No. of Equity shares allotted to Tata Sons Ltd. and
 their associate Companies on exercise of warrants held by them. 
 - Production at the hot strip mill at 1.04 million tonnes exceeded
 its rated capacity and as a measure of cost reduction, coal tar
 injection was introduced in `A' and `B' blast furnaces.
 - 15,517 shares allotted on exercise of warrants of SPN.
 - The second Slab Reheating Furnace, Phase IV, was commissioned on
 31st December.  The new Coke Oven Battery No.8 with a capacity of 0.5
 million tonnes per annum, was lit up on 24th March, 1998. 
 - On the 16th June, the Company opened a new 260 metre two-lane dual
 carriage bridge named after Jaiprakash Narain.  The new bridge
 provides a relief to residents and industries in Jamshedpur
 industrial area which for the past 3 decades had to depend on the
 National highway which had all along been congested.
 - The company also built up a transport park to accommodate 425
 trucks and trailors with facilities for the stay and comfort of the
 drivers to avoid pollution the company built a mini forest there to
 screen it off from the surrounding areas and thereby maintaining the
 greening of the
 - The company has provided new facilities like Jeevan Jyoti clinics 
 n the slum oriented area of Bagan in Jamshedpur.  Also a special
 Family life and value education programmes were launched in Patna. 
 - Tata Steel's international trading division was awarded the
 prestigious ISO-9002 certification by the Indian Register Quality
 Systems (IRQS).
 - Tata Steel has bagged the Prime Minister's trophy for the best
 performing integrated steel plant for 1994-95.
 - Tata Steel won 53 prizes on the final day of the 34th annual mines
 safety week celebrations at Meghataburu in West Singhbhum district. 
 It also won seven prizes in different categories at the annual mines
 safety week celebration of Karnataka region.
 - Tata Iron and Steel Company (Tisco) has entered into technical
 tie-ups with two German companies - Lurgi Metallurgie and Thyssen. 
 - Tata Iron & Steel Company (Tisco) and Inland Steel Industries Inc
 of the US have joined hands to float a 50:50 joint venture company
 called Tata Ryerson Ltd to supply processed steel directly to
 - Tata Sons chairman Ratan N Tata and Inland Steel chairman,
 president and CEO, Inland Steel Robert J Darnall signed the joint
 venture agreement.
 - The Tata Iron and Steel company has entered into an agreement with
 the National Securities Depository Ltd., for dematerialising its
 shares.  With this, Tisco has become the first Tata group company to
 enter the depository.
 - Tinplate's recently commissioned cold rolling mill will face
 serious competition from Tisco's proposed CRM. 
 - Tata Steel, the country's largest steelmaker, has taken over the
 operations of a slag granulation plant of ACC, India's largest cement
 - The steel Authority of India Limited and consultants Inc of the US
 have signed an agreement for jointly providing technical consultancy
 to the TISCO.
 - During the year it was proposed to set up a cold rolling mill at
 the company's works in Jamshedpur to add value to current product
 mix-up. Letters of intent for most of the major equipment, foreign
 and indigenous were placed.  Nippon Steel were appointed as
 consultants for the project.
 - Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd has entered into an agreement with
 the city-based Internet company Vedika Software Ltd.  According to
 the terms of the agreement, India On Internet developed by Vedika
 will host Tisco on the Internet.
 - Tata Iron & Steel Co became the world's largest producer of
 stamp-charged coke on 24th March. 
 - As of March 31, 1998, 7,37,99,584 ordinary shares of the company
 have been dematerialised.
 - Tisco is acquiring the cold rolled steel unit of Rs 776 crore Tata
 SSL Ltd in Tarapur, Maharashtra. 
 - Tata Steel has achieved a record performance in all areas of
 production fo  the first nine months (April to December 1998-99) of
 the current financial year, despite the gloomy scenario in the steel
 - The annual general meeting (AGM) of Tata Steel shareholders today
 accorded its approval to the board to issue and offer cumulative
 redeemable preference shares of the face value of Rs 100 each for an
 aggregate value not exceeding Rs 250 crore in one or more tranches.
 - Tata Iron & Steel Company (Tisco) is evaluating a possible
 acquisition of the ferro chrome and chrome conversion plant promoted
 by state-owned Industrial Development Corporation of Orissa Ltd
 - Tata Steel is in talks with Usinor of France, one of the world's
 largest steel manufacturers, to jointly bid for Steel Authority of
 India's (SAIL) Salem Steel Plant.
 - The Tata Iron and Steel Company (Tisco) has introduced a pilot
 freight rationalisation project in the eastern region in line with
 the recommendations of global consultants Booz Allen.
 - Tata Steel has been awarded the All-India Trophy for Top Exporters
 in the category of Manufacturing Units. 
 - The Company is expanding into chrome ore and ferro chrome
 production as an area of growth and plans to produce 2,00,000 tonnes
 of high  carbon ferro chrome during 2000-01.
 - Tata Steel, the flagship of the Tata group, has entered into an
 understanding with Tata International to export 30 per cent of the
 production at the steel major's new 1.2 million tonne cold rolling in
 - The Steel Division of the Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd. (Tata
 steel) has won the `JRD QV Award' for 2000, the highest recognition
 of total quality within the Tata Group.
 - Tata Steel has tied up with the POSCO-Hyundai steel processing
 venture located in Chennai for getting its cold rolled coils
 - The Company has incorporated the first phase of, the
 collaborative Internet business model, to strengthen customer
 - Tata Steel commissioned its fifth stamp charged coke oven battery
 at its coke plant-2.
 - Private sector steel majors Tisco, Kalyani Steel and the public
 sector Steel Authority of India are all set to form a three-way joint
 venture for undertaking e-commerce activities in the steel sector. 
 - IBM India and Tata Steel have signed an IT agreement by which Tata
 Steel will outsource its IT requirements from IBM India. 
 - Stewarts and Lloyds of India Ltd. a subsidiary of Tata Steel, has
 set up a propane handling/bottling plant for Tata Steel at Jamshedpur
 on build, own, operate and transfer basis.
 - The Company has informed that, Steel Authority of India, Tata Steel
 and Kalyani Steel have signed MoU for creation of Internet based,
 global, independent B2B steel marketplace.
 - Tata Steel has bagged the Prime Minister's trophy for the best
 performing steel plant for the year 1998-99. 
 - Tata Steel bagged the coveted CII-Exim Bank award for Business
 Excellence for 2000.
 - Tata Steel has launched its latest branded steel product -- Tata
 Tiscon - a speciality construction grade steel which will be
 available in the retail market.
 - Credit Rating and Investment Services of India Ltd. has placed the
 Rs 26.42 crore non-convertible debenture programme of the company on
 a rating watch with positive implications.
 - Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd. is the recipient of National Award
 for Excellence in Corporate Governance for the year 2000. 
 - Tata SSL has become a subsidiary of Tata Iron and Steel Company,
 following a successful open offer to the shareholders of TSSL.
 - Tata Steel has emerged as the world's leading steel maker in a
 study carried out by World Steel Dynamics (WSD). The company has been
 ranked at the top among 12 companies WSD has identified as world class
 steel makers, Dr J.J. Irani, Managing Director, Tata Steel said at a
 news conference on July 18.
 - Tata Steel is setting up a joint venture with IQ Martrade Holding
 Und Management of Germany to facilitate efficient handling of cargoes
 and provide the full gamut of port management at various ports in
 - Tata Steel has increased its price of hot rolled (HR) and cold
 rolled (CR) galvanised products by Rs 500 per tonne with effect from
 October 1 
 - TATA Steel's Noamundi Iron Mine (NIM) has been given away the
 Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Award 2000 instituted by the
 National Afforestation & Eco-Development Board under the Union
 Ministry of Environment and Forests. NIM is one of the biggest and
 fully mechanised iron ores in the newly formed State of Jharkhand.
 NIM is supplying high-grade iron ore to Tata Steel's Jamshedpur
 plant. NIM was incorporated in 1925.
 -Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd has informed BSE that Mr S A Sabavala
 has resigned from the Board of the Company w e f October 01, 2002.
 -Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd has informed that on his demise on
 October 28, 2002, Mr Mantosh Sondhi has ceased to be a Director of
 the company.
 -Tata Iron & Steel co. Ltd. entered in to a power distribution
 business. Tisco has began distributing power in Jamshedpur.
 -Tisco gets lenders proposal to acquire Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited
 -Tata Steel signed an agreement with its consortium partners for
 setting up its titania project in Tamil Nadu.
 -Tata Steel has been awarded Engineering Export Promotion Council
 National Award for outstanding export performance for the year
 2000-2001, sponsored by ministry of commerce, govt of India.
 -Tata Steel's mines division as well as its ferro alloys & mineral
 division (FAMD) have bagged 24 awards in group events and 21 in
 individual events in the different categories of safety competitions
 -The Tatas have appointed Rajeev Dubey, who had to quit as managing
 director of agrochemical major Rallis India following heavy losses
 during the last financial year, as advisor to Tata Steel managing
 director B Muthuraman.
 -Tata Steel records good performance on advance tax payment talks
 -Praxair, the Bangalore-based industrial gases supplier, has bagged
 an order from Tata Steel for setting up a facility for on-site supply
 of oxygen, nitrogen and argon. The company would build an air
 separation plant with control systems adjacent to Tata Steel's works
 at Jamshedpur.
 -Tata Steel April-Dec output of crude & saleable steel over 3 million
 -Tata Steel gets Petroleum Conservation Research Association award
 for energy conservation
 -Tata Steel breaks JV with Veolia Water
 -Swosti group takes over Tisco property at Gopalpur
 --Metaljunction (MJ)- the online trading and procurement joint
 venture of Tata Steel and Steel Authority of India (SAIL)- has roped
 in UTI Bank to start off own equipment for Tata Steel.
 -The flat products division of Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd (Tisco)
 was awarded the ISO/TS 16949 certification on March 30
 -Jamshedpur Utility and Services Company (Jusco), a wholly owned
 subsidiary of Tata Steel, has tied up with Canadian Minnaean Building
 Solutions for using its patent on high gauge steel-based housing and
 -Tata Steel's Ferro Alloys & Minerals Division (FAMD) and Bearing
 Division received the CII award for 'Significant Improvement in
 Productivity' for 2003-2004.
 -Solid Energy, New Zealand's largest producer, distributor and
 exporter of coal, will be supplying high quality coking coal to Tata
 Steel.  Solid Energy recently signed a three-year contract with Tata
 Steel for supplying high-grade coking coal
 -Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd (Tisco) have signed a barter
 agreement with one of China's top trading companies to exchange its
 iron ore for coke
 - Tata Steel ranked among global companies in the world's most
 respected companies survey, 2003 for corporate social responsibility
 -Tata Steel's Sukinda Chromite Mine in Orissa has been conferred the
 SA: 8000:2001 certification conferred by the Social Accountability
 International (SAI), USA.
 -R&D team conferred the 'Technology Day Meritorious Invention Award'
 by the National Research & Development Corp (NRDC)
 -Tata Steel launched Wiron, a branded galvanised wire, aiming at a
 sales target of three lakh tonnes
 -Tata Steel, country's largest integrated steel producer in private
 sector announced a partnership with SAP India for offering business
 software solutions for the industry
 -Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd has informed that with effect from
 August 01, 2004, Mr Koushik Chatterjee has been appointed as Vice
 President Finance
 -Tata Steel buys Singapores NatSteel
 -Tata Steel and Larsen & Toubro (L&T) signs definitive agreement to
 form a 50:50 joint venture for setting up a port at Dhamra in Orissa
 on October 29, 2004.
 -Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd signs Joint Venture Agreements with
 Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation
 Organization to join them in proposed steel-making projects and
 mining operations in Iran.
 -Tata Steel has signed a memorandum of understanding with Nippon
 Steel Corporation of Japan for its proposed 6 million tonne per annum
 steel plant in Kalinganagar, in Jajpur district of Orissa
 -Hoogly Met Coke and Power Co Ltd, a joint venture between Tata Steel
 and West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation, has been allotted
 180 acres of land for its proposed metallurgical coke and power plant
 project at Haldia.
 -Tata Steel sets up steel retail store Steeljunction
 -Company has changed its name from Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd. to
 Tata Steel Ltd.                                                      
 -Tata steel sets up Jiggling and hydro-cyclone plant
 -Tisco establishes processing unit at Noamundi mine
 -Tata Steel signs JV Agreement with Tata Power to set up captive
 power plants.
 -Tata Steel enters into Share Purchase Agreement with Rawmet Ferrous
 -Tata Steel completes 6.2bn acquisition of Corus Group plc.
 - Tata Steel signs MOU with Vietnam Steel Corporation for the
 proposed steel project in Ha Tinh province in Vietnam.
 -On August 03, 2007, the Tata Steel Ltd and Riversdale Mining Ltd.
 have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, whereby the Company
 will become a strategic investor in Riversdale's Mozambique Coal
 Project, by acquiring 35% stake in it for a sum of A$ 100 million.
 -Tata Steel Ltd has informed that Riversdale Mining Ltd and the
 Company have signed an agreement to establish a special purpose joint
 venture vehicle to develop a hard coking and thermal coal project at
 key coal exploration tenements held by Riversdale in Mozambique.
 -Tata Steel Ltd and SODEMI sign a Joint Venture Agreement for Mount
 Nimba Iron Ore deposits in Ivory Coast, West Africa.
 -The company has issued rights in the ratio of 1:5 at a premium of
 Rs. 290/- Per Share.
 -Tata Steel Ltd Issues Rights in the Ratio of 1:5
 - Tata Steel gets the Best Establishment Award by the President of
 India, Mrs. Patibha Patil
 - Tata Steel has signed a contract with CMI FPE Ltd for supply of 6
 High reversing cold mill to set up a 200,000 MT p.a. TMBP CRM#2
 project in TCIL. Tinplate Company of India Limited (TCIL) in
 association with Tata Steel is set to double the production capacity
 of tinplate. TCIL has recently started operations of a 200,000 MT
 p.a. second tinning line and Tata Steel will supply the input
 required for the tinning line through its CRM#2 project. 
 -Tata Steel has concluded an alliance pact with the Al Bahja Group of
 Oman for the development of the Uyun limestone deposits at Salalah in
 the Sultanate of Oman.
 - Tata Steel, through its subsidiary, Tata Steel Global Minerals
 Holdings has entered into Joint Venture Agreement on 6th November
 2009 with New Millennium Capital Corp.
 - Tata Steel wins Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social
 -Tata Steel - Corus signs Share Purchase Agreement with Klesch for
 sale of aluminium smelters
 -Tata Steel - Corus signs MoU on Teesside sale with Marcegaglia and
 -Tata Steel enters into Joint Venture Agreement with New Millennium,
  The Company was originally incorporated as The Tata Iron and Steel
 Company Limited on August 26, 1907 as a public limited company, under
 the provisions of the Indian Companies Act, 1882. The Company was
 established by Jamsetji N. Tata, the founder of the Tata companies
 and today is one of the flagship Tata companies. Pursuant to a
 resolution of the Board of Directors dated May 19, 2005 and of the
 shareholders of the Company dated July 27, 
 2005, the name of the Company was changed to Tata Steel Limited with
 effect  from August 12, 2005. The Registered Office of the Company is
  situated at Bombay House, 24 Homi Mody Street, Fort, Mumbai 400 001.
 There has been no change in the Registered Office of the Company. 
 The Company manufactures a diversified portfolio of steel products,
 with a product range that includes flat products and long products,
 as well as some non-steel products such as ferro alloys and minerals,
 tubes and bearings. The Company, through its Indian operations, is a
 large manufacturer of ferro chrome and steel wires in India and a
 supplier of chrome ore internationally. The Companys main markets
 include the Indian construction, automotive 
 and general engineering industries. The Companys main facilities
 have been historically concentrated around the Indian city of
 Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), where the Company operates a 6.8 mtpa crude
 steel production plant and a variety of finishing plants close to the
 iron ore and coal reserves. The Company proposes to increase the crude
 steel production of the Jamshedpur plant by 2.9 mtpa to 9.7 mtpa. The
 Companys bearing division is located at 
 Kharagpur (West Bengal), ferro manganese plant is located  in Joda
 (Orissa), charge chrome plant is located in Bamnipal (Orissa), cold
 rolling complex is located in Tarapur (Maharashtra) and wire division
 is located at Tarapur (Maharashtra), Bangalore (Karnataka), and Indore
 (Madhya Pradesh). The Company also has iron ore and coal mines,
 collieries and quarries in the states of Jharkhand, Orissa and
 In February 2005, the Company acquired the steel-related  businesses
 of NatSteel Asia, with facilities located in Singapore, China,
 Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Australia. In March
 2006 the Company also acquired a 25.0% interest in Millennium Steel,
 the largest steel producer in Thailand, and in April 2006 a further
 42.1% interest, for a total interest of 67.1% in Millenium Steel,
 (now known as Tata Steel (Thailand) Public Company Limited). On April
 2, 2007 the Company acquired Corus Group Limited, with key production
 located in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The acquisition
 was implemented by Tata Steel UK Holdings Limited which is a wholly
 owned subsidiary of Tata Steel Europe Limited, formerly known as
 Tulip UK Holdings (No. 1) Limited. In April 2009, Hoogly Metcoke &
 Power Company Limited, which was earlier a subsidiary of the Company
 was merged with the Company.  
 The Equity Shares of the Company were first listed on the BSE in 1937
 as per records available with the Company and previously were also
 listed with  the Native Share and Stock Brokers Association Limited
 (the predecessor of the BSE). The Companys Equity Shares were listed
 on  the NSE on November 18, 1998. The Companys Equity Shares were
 delisted from the Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited (CSE)
 with effect from May 30, 
 2008. 3,867 Global Depository Receipts issued by the Company are
 listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and 5,753,386 Global
 Depository Receipts issued by the Company are  listed on the London
 Stock Exchange. Convertible Alternative Reference Securities (CARS)
 issued by the Company are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. The
 Convertible Bonds issued by the Company are listed on the Singapore
 Exchange Securities Trading Limited. 
 The Company has entered into a Brand Equity and Business Promotion
 Agreement with the Promoter dated December 18, 1998 for the use of
 the Tata name. 
 The Company is not operating under any injunction or restraining
 Milestones achieved by the Company since incorporation are mentioned
 Year  Event 
 Tata Steel obtains its first colliery. 
 a)  First ingot rolls out. 
 b)  Bar mills commence operations. 
 c)  Introduction of 8 hour working day. 
 Introduction of electric process for making steel which was employed
 for production of high grade iron  and steel casting. 
 Coal fine washeries were set up for the first time in Jamadoba and
 West Bokaro. 
 Modernisation programme of the Jamshedpur steel works was initiated
 in four phases during this period.
 a)  Cold rolling mill set up at Jamshedpur. The mill was completed in
 a record time of 26 months. 
 b)  Creation of B2B portal called in collaboration
 with SAIL and Kalyani Steel. 
  World Steel Dynamics ranks Tata Steel as Indias only World-class
 steel maker
 a)  The Company launches its first branded cold rolled steel product
 called Tata Steelium 
 d)  The Company celebrates 75 years of industrial harmony.
 a)  The Companys biggest blast furnace completes production of 14
 million tones of hot metal which is  the highest production achieved
 by a blast furnace in India in its first campaign. 
 b)  The Company files a corporate sustainability report where the
 Company was rated as Indias Top  Reporter by United Nations
 Environment Program and Standard and Poors. 
 a)  The Company acquires NatSteel Asia in Singapore. 
 b)  The Company launches Steel Junction which is Indias first
 organized retail store for steel 
 c)  The Company is ranked as the Worlds Best Steel Maker by World
 Steel Dynamics. 
 a)  The Companys steel works at Jamshedpur crosses 5 million tonne
 mark in crude steel production. 
 b)  The Company is ranked again as the Worlds Best Steel Maker by
 World Steel Dynamics. 
 c)  The Company acquires Corus, which makes the Company the sixth
 largest steel maker in terms of  actual crude steel production. 
 d)  The Company was conferred the Prime Minister  of Indias Trophy
 for the  Best Integrated Steel  Plant
 a)  1.8 mtpa capacity expansion at Jamshedpur becomes operational,
 bringing total crude steel  production capacity to 6.8 mtpa. 
 b)  Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh unveiled the centenary postage
 stamp to commemorate the Companys centenary year. 
 c)  The Company was conferred the Best Establishment Award by the
 President of India. 
 d)  The Company was awarded the Demining Application Prize. 
 e)  The Company was awarded the TERI Corporate Award for its HIV/
 AIDS initiative. . 
 a)  The Company issued Global Depository Receipts worth US$ 500
 b)  The Company was awarded the CSR Excellence Award 2010 by the
 Associated Chambers of  Commerce and Industry. 
 c)  The Company was awarded the FE-EVI Green Business Leadership
 Award in the iron and steel  category. 
 d)  The Company was awarded Asias Best Employer Brand Awards, 2010
 for talent management, best human resource strategy in line with
 business, excellence in training, CEO with human resource 
 orientation and human resource leadership. 
 e)  The Company was awarded the Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar
 award for outstanding 
 contribution in the field of sports in the category of Financial
 Support for Sports Excellence. 
 f) Tata Ryerson and HMPCL merge with Tata Steel 
 Some of the key achievements/awards received in Financial Year 2010
 are as follows:  
 1.  The Company was awarded the Economic Times Company of the Year
 2.  The Company was conferred the Indian Most Admired Knowledge
 Enterprise award for sustained  excellence in field of knowledge
 3.  In 2010, one of the Companys employee was awarded the Prime
 Ministers Shram awards for years 2005 to 2007. 
 4.  Tubes Division of the Company won the 16th  JRD QV Award. 
 5.  Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award to the Company
 by Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India.
 - Tata Steel, Indias leading steel makers has teamed up with State
 Bank of India, Orissa government and CAP, for the manufacturing of
 the skilled labour.
 - Corus and SSI sign MoU for the potential sale of Teesside Cast
 - Tata Steel - Joint Venture for production and sales of Automotive
 Cold Rolled Flat Products
 - Tata Steel - Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Tata
 Steel & NMDC
 - Tata Steel executes agreements for the refinancing of its debt in
 - Tata Steel increases stake in New Millennium Capital Corporation
 - Tata Steel has added one more milestone to its locker, as the Tata
 Steel has been ranked among the world's top ten of the Most Admired
 Company rated by Fortune Magazine and the Hay Group during the year.
 - Tata Steel formed a joint venture in the ratio of 51:49, with
 Japan's Nippon Steel for the manufacturing and sales of automotive
 cold-rolled flat products at Jamshedpur unit
 - Tata-Corus the steel making arm of the Tata Group has appointed
 Citibank as its advisor for the sale of its Teesside Cast Product
 (TCP) mills in Redcar, UK. 
 - Tata-SAIL joint venture bags coal mines in Jharkhand
 - Tata Steel won the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Winner
 for the year 2010  for sustained excellence in field of Knowledge
 - Tata Steel - Joint Venture for Automotive Cold-Rolled Flat
 - Tata Steel - Tata Steel signs definitive agreement with SSI for
 sale of TCP
 - Tata Steel Ltd has informed that TCIL, a company listed on BSE and
 NSE has become a subsidiary of the Company with effect from April 01,
 2011, as a result of an increase in the Company's shareholding in TCIL
 from 42.88% to 59.45%. 
 - Tata Steel conferred with ABCI Awards
 - TSRDS Jharia receives Best NGO award
 - Tata Steel bagged two prestigious awards at the MMMM Exhibition
 - Tata Steel won the 'The Businessworld Most Respected Company Award
 - Tata Steels prominence on safety at all levels of its  operations
 received national ovation with the Company bagging the prestigious 
 National Safety Award 
 - Safety & Health Excellence Recognition 2012 awarded to Tata Steel
 by Worldsteel Association
 -Tata Steel conferred with the prestigious Asian MAKE Award for
 Transforming Enterprise Knowledge into Stakeholder Value
 -Tata Steel Conferred With the Prestigious 'AWARD FOR LEADERSHIP' in
 HR Excellence at the CII National HR Conclave 2012
 - Tata Steel finally gets land for the Haveri project as the
 government of Karnataka has completed the land acquisition process
 for the integrated Tata Steel and Tata Metaliks project at Haveri
 - Tata Steel restructured to improve competitiveness of UK operations
 through market cycles.
 - Tata Steel secured major profiled steel plate order for Siemens
 wind towers.
 - Tata Steel has expanded its aerospace operations in China by
 opening its second aerospace service centre in the country.  
 - Tata Steel was awarded the 'CII-ITC Sustainability  Prize' in the
 'Category A' for Large  Independent Company at the CII-ITC
 Sustainability Awards 2012. 
 - Tata Steel, a pioneer in steel manufacturing, launched a new
 version of its online at the Jaipur Literature
 Festival, an online extending company sustained campaign to inspire
 the youth to embrace a value driven society.
 - Tata Steel Ltd. has voiced intentions to set up a GBP 22 million
 pounds manufacturing unit for developing innovative green
 technologies at Brinsworth site in Rotherham. 
 - Tata Steel forms alliance with Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Limited
 (LIM) to assist operations in Labrador trough.
 - Tata Steel - Amalgamation of Kalimati Investment Company Limited
 with the Company.
 - Tata Steel gets approval for the amalgamation of TML & TMKPL with
 the company by the Board of Directors.
 - Tata Steel - Tata Metaliks Ltd and Tata Metaliks Kubota Pipes Ltd
 to Merge with Tata Steel Ltd
 - Tata Steel sets up new 6mn tonne steel plant for Odisha project.
 - Tata steel has inked a 5-year contract with Safran Group, a wholly
 owned subsidiary of American International Group, Inc.
 - Tata Steel bags contract to serve Network Rail, Britain for five
 more years.
 - Tata Steel wins 2-year contract to supply rail tracks to French
 rail operator.
 - Tata Steel inaugurates UK largest plate service centre n the West
 - Tata Steel, ONGC named among world most admired companies by
 Fortune magazine in a list topped by technology giant Apple,
 - Tata Steel Ltd has informed that Steel & Tube Holdings of New
 Zealand has agreed to acquire Tata Steel International (Australasia)
 - Tata Steel and L&T Infrastructure Development Projects have
 executed a agreement to sell 100% stake in the Dhamra Port Company
 with Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone for a worth approx Rs 5500
 - Tata Steel signs contracts to supply pipes to Subsea 7.
 - Tata Steel bags Asian Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
 Leadership Award for Community Development. 
 - Tata Steel - Tata Steels European business signs Memorandum of
 Understanding regarding its Long Products Europe business
 - The company has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with
 Switzerland-based Klesch Group to undertake detailed due diligence
 and negotiations for the potential sale of its Long Products Europe
 business and associated distribution activities. 
 -Tata Steel has launched an innovative and stronger structural steel
 tube product in Europe
 -Tata Steel Minerals Canada Limited acquires balance 49%
 participating interest in Howse Deposit
 -Tata Steel has set up a new company to attract global electronics
 and electrical component makers from China and Southeast Asia 
 -Tata Steel, has commenced the production of coke at its Kalinganagar
 project in Odisha
 -Tata Steel has got the Environment Ministry approval for more than
 doubling the capacity of its Jamshedpur-based cold rolling mill at an
 investment of Rs 126 crore
 -Tata Steel Ltd has approved the Scheme of amalgamation between Tata
 Steel Limited and Tata Metaliks Limited and Tata Metaliks Dl Pipes
 -Tata Steel has entered into partnership with Abu Dhabi-based
 International Development Company (IDC) to expand its market base for
 energy sector products in the Middle East
 -Tata Steel received green nod for expansion as well as setting up of
 two units at its Joda plant in Keonjhar district, Odisha
 -Tata Steel UK Limited signs Letter of Intent regarding Long Products
 Europe business
 -Tata Steel gets green nod for Rs 1,877 cr expansion project
 -Tata Steel calls of two subsidiaries merger
 -Tata Steel receives contribution for investment project
 -Tata Steel inaugurates day care facility for employees
 -Tata Steel announces partnership for its Canadian Iron Ore Mines
 -Tata Steel has won three awards for Excellence in Value Engineering
 at INVEST 32nd National & 5th Asian Value Engineering Conference held
 in New Delhi.
 -Tata Steel receives The Best Companies to Work for Award by
 Business Today
 -Tata Steel bags the Most Ethical Company Award for the 4th time
 -Tata Steel bestowed with the Golden Peacock Innovative Product/
 Service Award
 -Tata Steel conferred with the Tata Affirmative Action Program Jury
 -Tata Steel is Indias first steel manufacturing company to receive
 Greenco Platinum rating by CII Green Building Council
 -Tata Steel inaugurates Cold Rolling Mill Complex BARA Phase II.
 -Tata Stee's Katamati Mine wins Best Green Award.
 -Tata Steel Kalinganagar hot metal production crosses 2 MT mark.
 -Tata Steel's First Greenfield Ferro-Chrome Plant in India at
 Gopalpur Starts Production.
 -Tata Steel launches 2 apps. The first app concerns TSL Events and
 the second App is ActionBound for treasure hunt. 
 -Tata Steel commissions its 1st 3 MW solar power plant at Noamundi.
 -Tata Steel commissions mine air cooling system at Digwadih.
 -Sukinda Chromite Mine (SCM) of Tata Steel in Jajpur district of
 Odisha bagged four awards at the safety week organised by the
 Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS). 
 -Tata Steel Joda Mine gets Golden Peacock Innovation Award
 -Tata Steel launches successful dual tranche USD bond.
 -Tata Steel Wins awards for the 'Best Risk Management Framework &
 Systems' in categories 'Risk Governance' and 'Metals & Mining.
 -Tata Steel awarded the CII Environmental Best Practices Trophy
 -Tata Steel Announces the winners of steel a thon 2019.
 -Tata Steel mines awarded the FIMI Bala Gulshan Tandon Excellence
 -Tata Steel announces acquisition of additional equity stake in Tata
 Steel Minerals Canada.
 -Tata Steel wins two awards at worldsteels Steelie Award 2020.
 -Tata Steel Launches FerroHaat App for sourcing steel scrap.
 -Tata steel introduces the first ever Fibre Reinforced Polymer
 Quarantine Units in India.
 -Tata steel bags the 'Gold' employer title in India Workplace
 Equality Index 2021.
 -Tata steel launches GreenPro Certified rebar Tata Tiscon 550SD.