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Budget 2023
Budget 2023
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Zoom Out | Here's a peek at the future of hiring with artificial intelligence

AI and technology are going to become a part of the recruitment process. Here’s a look at how this is going to be a gamechanger for the HR function

November 01, 2020 / 10:36 AM IST

Note to readers: Zoom Out: The Future of Work is a series that chronicles macro changes, trends and real-life experiences that affect the workforce as we tread uncertain times. It is aimed to dig deeper and build a point-of-view around popular and contrarian topics around work.

In a few years, recruiting and hiring will look very different from the way they do today. AI has been rapidly reshaping every function, including HR and talent acquisition, and the tectonic shifts will be visible soon.

You may have already observed the following shifts in the hiring process:

  • Sharpening of the job posting process with better, more thoughtful and keyword-enabled JDs written by bots (example: Textio)

  • Sorting/matching and pre-screening of relevant resumes with the help of technology (example: GreenhouseLever)

  • Increase in video interviews that read potential candidate behaviour (example: Talview)

  • Technology-led assessments; psychometric tests for hard and soft skills (example: IBM Watson Talent)

Thought Leaders such as Rajeev Menon, consultant with AI-powered recruitment platform Talview, who has 20 years’ experience in Talent Acquisition and Evaluation, hold the view that hiring must become ‘insta’. Here’s a look at how AI can make that happen.

Imagine this: A potential job opening comes up in an organisation. AI parses through the internet and seeks potential ‘ideal’ candidates. The recruiter does not approach a candidate directly, however; AI sends them interesting content about the job opening and the company (as with digital marketing).