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What are the 'Little Miss' memes going viral on social media

'Little Miss' trend: Social media users are posting memes referencing their habits, likes and struggles.

July 23, 2022 / 12:40 PM IST
(Image credit: @juulpuppy/Instagram)

(Image credit: @juulpuppy/Instagram)

Social media users are hopping on a new trend that lets them acknowledge their quirks, insecurities and even mental health troubles.

Meme creators are modifying characters from children's book series Little Miss and Mr. Men to suit their own unique personalities.

The first "Little Miss" meme came from Instagram meme creator juulpuppy. The account came up with gems like "Little Miss Borderline Personality Disorder" , "Little Miss Fearful Avoidant" and Little Miss Shein Haul.


Others caught on quickly, making the meme viral on Instagram and Twitter. An Instagram user named starbucksslayqueen created a "Little Miss S*** Talker" and a "Little Miss Can't Spell Restaurant".

Some referenced their favourite bands and musical genres.


Others admitted to spending on things they probably won't use


There were also countless memes on social media about about sleeping habits, attachment styles and finances. 

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A post shared by @littlemissnotesapp

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A post shared by @littlemissnotesapp

Non-binary social media users are using the gender neutral title "Mx".


On TikTok, users are making videos describing their ex-partners and friends as variations of the “Little Miss” or “Mr. Men” characters, Bustle magazine reported.

Instagram account juulpuppy, credited for making the "Little Miss” memes go viral, said they were glad people were having fun with the trend. She asked those using the format to acknowledge them.

"My initial 30 little Miss/Mr. memes went viral and birthed subsequent meme pages on TikTok and Instagram and thousands of followers for other creators using this template!" they said.

"Of course memes and internet culture generally aren’t really about credit but I think some of u guys could probably sympathize that I create original content almost every single day and have reaped very few of the benefits from this trend that I jump started," the meme creator added.

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first published: Jul 23, 2022 12:34 pm