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Nykaa sale saga: Customers enraged over ‘fake discount’ as multiple orders get cancelled

Nykaa outer box damaged sale: Customers are enraged after Nykaa cancelled multiple orders for heavily-discounted products.

March 22, 2023 / 10:47 AM IST
Nykaa is under fire for cancelling multiple orders (Image credit: @MyNykaa/Facebook)

Nykaa is under fire for cancelling multiple orders (Image credit: @MyNykaa/Facebook)

Nykaa customers are up in arms against the e-commerce firm after it cancelled multiple orders for discounted products. The saga began to unfold around three days ago, when Nykaa put several products on sale citing ‘outer box damage’. Instead of announcing a proper clearance sale, however, the Indian beauty and wellness products platform did not advertise the heavily-discounted products, probably fearing an onslaught of orders.

It would have worked too, but Reddit got wind of it. As word spread on Reddit, customers rushed to order the heavily-discounted, outer box damaged products. However, most orders were cancelled by Nykaa and customers were told their money would be refunded.

Very few people who ordered products from Nykaa’s ‘outer box damaged’ sale have received their orders so far, while many have taken to social media to complain about ‘fake discounts’ after having their orders cancelled.

“Nykaa took 2 days to process my order and then in an instant cancels it without any prior info or a good reason. Why have a sale when you can't service your customers,” wrote one Twitter user, adding the hashtag #nykaaouterboxdamaged.

Another asked if the company was using “fake discounts” to lure customers.

“Outbox damage sale was scam for customers,” a third alleged.

Several people who tried to order ‘outer box damaged’ products were not given any reason for the cancellation, which occurred from Nykaa’s end only two or three days after the orders were placed. Some also shared screenshots to show how the company was not refunding the full amount to customers.

Meanwhile, some customers received a compensatory coupon for Rs 50 or Rs 100, while others were told the company did not have a compensation policy. This disparity further enraged people.

Nykaa was founded by Falguni Nayar in 2012. The company has so far not commented on the social media backlash it is currently facing.

Sanya Jain
first published: Mar 22, 2023 10:17 am