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Last Updated : May 16, 2019 03:44 PM IST | Source:

11-year-old tries to bribe New Zealand PM to fund research on dragons

‘Do dragons wear suits?’ Jacinda Ardern asked the little girl.

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Image: Unsplash/Jack B
Image: Unsplash/Jack B

An 11-year-old from New Zealand recently made headlines after she had expressed her interest to research on dragons.

Identified as Victoria, the little girl was so keen on starting “real” research work on dragons that she even tried to bribe Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to launch the programme. That’s not all; the little thinker also requested for some study on telekinesis on the side.

In a note addressed to the prime minister, she explained that she wants the research work to commence soon so that she can grow up and become a dragon trainer. Her letter was accompanied by a $5 New Zealand currency note as bribe money.

However, Ardern returned the money and informed that taking on such a research project would not really be feasible.

Keeping up with the spirit of the girl, Ardern wrote in a letter addressed to Victoria: “We were very interested to hear your suggestions about psychics and dragons, but unfortunately we are not currently doing any work in either of these areas! I am therefore returning your bribe money, and I wish you all the very best in your quest for telekinesis, telepathy, and dragons.”

People got talking about this cute exchange when Victoria’s brother shared a photo of the letter and the returned cash on Reddit late last week, stating that his little sister tried to “bribe Jacinda”.

Upon being questioned by other curious users of the platform, he explained that she “wanted the government to make her telekinetic when they are able to. She also wanted to find out what they know about dragons and if they had found any yet, so she could train them”.

According to a report by the National Public Radio, Victoria got the idea of developing a telepathic communication with dragons after watching popular Netflix series Stranger Things. In the show, one of the lead characters has telepathic powers.

Ardern, who definitely didn’t want to drown the spirit of the young girl or burst her bubble, concluded the letter with a handwritten postscript reading: “P.S. I'll still keep an eye out for those dragons. Do they wear suits??”

First Published on May 16, 2019 03:44 pm
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