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Facebook Campus for college students to stay updated with campus-only news feed

The Facebook Campus profile will use the same profile and cover photo as the main app.

September 11, 2020 / 05:20 PM IST

Facebook has launched a new produced called Campus - an idea that reminds you of the company’s roots. Facebook Campus is a new feature that is designed for college students to interact with their peers.

Using Facebook Campus, students can stay up-to-date with campus-only news feed and be a part of the Campus Group, events, group chat rooms called Campus Chats. Students will be required to provide their .edu email address and other information, which will be used to create a specific profile for Campus, according to a report by The Verge. The Facebook Campus profile will use the same profile and cover photo as the main app. 

Students will also have the option to add or remove their major, classes, hometown, dorm, and minor. The more information they add, the more they’ll be able to find classmates with commonalities, which also, of course, gives Facebook more data about what the college students are studying and who they’re talking to, which informs its ad targeting decisions.

The feature is currently available only in 30 universities around the US, including Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, University of Louisville, Vassar, and Virginia Tech. These students won’t be able to interact with each other, and neither will students from nearby colleges. For now, Campus is siloed so that only people who attend the same school can see and interact with each other.

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first published: Sep 11, 2020 09:23 am